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Aluminum Smoke-tight Doors

DOOR Filipek aluminum anti-burglary door
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Aluminum windows, doors, fire-resistant DOOR Filipek
Aluminum Windows and Fire Doors

Aluminum windows, doors, fire-resistant DOOR Filipek
Aluminum Fire Facades

Aluminum Windows and Fire Doors

MB-60E EI fire-resistant windows and doors

Security is a very important aspect in our lives. Fire is especially dangerous in the case of buildings. Without the use of appropriate safeguards, the fire spreads incredibly quickly, destroying everything in its path, threatening human life. Therefore, we checked many solutions in terms of quality and safety. The MB-60E EI system is used to make internal single or double-leaf doors as well as internal fireproof partition walls. These structures have the fire resistance class EI15 or EI30. This type of solution is based on aluminum profiles with a thermal break of the MB-60E system. Fire resistance of the MB-60E EI system profiles is ensured by fire insulation elements that are installed in the profile chambers. The structures are also equipped with expanding tapes that are impenetrable to fire. The maximum dimensions of the door that we can manufacture are 1400mm wide and 2475mm high. However, the width of double-leaf doors is 2580mm.

Aluminum fire doors MB-60E EI DOOR Filipek

cross-section of the MB-60E EI

cross-section Aluminum fire doors MB-60E EI DOOR Filipek

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MB-78EI fire windows and doors

The MB-78EI system is designed to make both internal and external fire partitions with single and double-leaf doors with fire resistance classes EI15, EI30, EI45, EI60. Research and calculations show that products from this system have a very good thermal insulation U up to 1,6W / m2K, and acoustic insulation up to 40dB. This system is very popular and widely used in the construction market. The profiles of this system are characterized by a low value of the heat transfer coefficient, because they are equipped with thermal breaks 34mm wide. The structures are resistant to high temperature thanks to special elements of GKF or CI fire insulation, which are located in the chambers of the internal profiles. The filling of the structure can be all typical fire-resistant panes, or layered opaque elements composed of sheet metal and appropriate plates, which provide fire protection. In this system, it is also possible to obtain smoke-tight structures by using a special falling threshold. In the MB-78 EI system, there are angular connections of the walls, it is possible to bend the profiles, and to use decorative muntins glued to the glass, which affects the aesthetics of the building. Fixed partitions in this system can be made up to 4m high, while the doors can have maximum dimensions of 1400x2500mm. Such doors can be installed individually as well as in MB-SR50N EI fire facades.

Aluminum fire doors MB-78EI DOOR Filipek

cross-section of the MB-78EI

cross-section of the MB-78EI DOOR Filipek fire door

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MB-86EI fire windows and doors

The MB-86EI system is used to make opening windows with fire resistance class EI 30 according to the EN 13501-2 + A1 standard. The structure is based on the MB-86 system, thanks to which it is characterized by high thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as water and air tightness. This system combines the classic window system with the properties of fireproof partitions. This system is classified as fire retardant.

Advantages of the MB-86EI system:

  • Profiles with a three-chamber structure, the central part is an insulation chamber between thermal breaks 43 or 42 mm wide
  • elements of fire insulation in internal chambers of aluminum sections
  • The wide range of glass thicknesses that can be used allows the use of various types of insulated glass, even two-chamber sets
  • The standard fittings that are used here are in the RC2 anti-burglary class.
Technical parameters of the system:


Air permeability class 4, EN 12207

Water tightness class E 1500, EN 12208

Wind load resistance class C5, EN 12210

Thermal insulation Uf from 1,07 W / (m2K), Uw from 0,86 W / (m2K) *

Fire resistance class EI 30

Fire-resistant windows in the MB-86EI system with fire resistance EI30 DOOR Filipek


MB-118EI fire-resistant windows and walls (connection with MB-78EI)

The MB-118EI system is dedicated to fire walls with EI90 or EI120 fire resistance. This system is technically connected with the MB-78EI system, which gives many common components, such as glazing beads, cooling inserts, expanding tapes, gaskets and many others. The system has five-chamber aluminum profiles with 118mm thick thermal insulation. The elements of fire insulation are placed in the internal chambers of the profiles. Swelling tapes are mounted on the outer surfaces. Due to the symmetrical structure, the structures retain fire resistance both from the outside and inside. An important advantage of fire partitions is the possibility to install doors of the MB-78EI system, which must have the fire resistance class EI60.

Aluminum fire walls MB-118EI DOOR Filipekcross-section Aluminum fire walls MB-118EI DOOR Filipek

 file pdf icon  Product flyer MB-118EI

Installation and maintenance of aluminum fire doors and windows

In order to obtain the appropriate fire resistance class for doors, windows and partitions, it is important to properly install the structure. Therefore, we meet the expectations of our customers and the exact method of assembly and all steps to be taken in order to properly install the joinery can be found in the assembly manual. We have also prepared maintenance instructions for windows and doors for our customers so that they serve as long and as best as possible. You can download these files below:

 file pdf icon  Manual - maintenance

 file pdf icon  Instruction - assembly


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