All-glass canopies

Our offer includes glass canopies with an additional assembly service. The fittings are made of stainless steel, they give an unusual appearance, aesthetics and, above all, durability and resistance to weather conditions. High quality and elegant appearance make glass roofs one of the most frequently chosen solutions. Thanks to simple shapes and aesthetic design, they gain a timeless form. Stainless steel is nowadays a common building material. Our offer of glass fittings also includes aluminum fittings for glass doors and aluminum fittings for shower cabins.

DOOR Filipek all-glass canopiesall-glass canopies DOOR Filipek fastening

The available fittings for the canopies make it possible to mount them on any type of facade without damaging it, and at the same time providing a solid and durable fixing. Thanks to this, such roofs can be used on balconies, terraces or above the entrance door, protecting users against unfavorable weather conditions.

all-glass canopies DOOR Filipek fastening all-glass canopies DOOR Filipek fastening

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