Window sills

In our store you can see all available types and colors of external and internal window sills. The POLMAR company is responsible for the production of window sills made of AGLOMARMUR, MARBLE. These are interior window sills with a wide range of colors. The material used in the production of window sills comes from the largest stone wholesalers in the world, thanks to which the window sills are of very high quality.

When it comes to external window sills, you can also order from us. They are produced by the JARO-MAX company and have a very wide selection of colors and materials: steel, aluminum. mdf and granite. which gives us the certainty that everyone will find something suitable for themselves. The material from which these window sills are made is durable, resistant to weather conditions, but also serves as a decorative window and house.

Internal window sills

Our offer includes internal windowsills made of marble conglomerate and natural stone: agglomerate marble, marble and granite. Internal window sills are an indispensable finishing element that occurs in every residential and industrial building, and at the same time performs decorative as well as practical and functional functions. By offering you a wide range of colors and types of materials, we guarantee the possibility of choosing the right material for each type of room, the highest quality of workmanship and durability, and above all, satisfaction with the products received.

  • Agglomerate marble

Agglomerate marble is a conglomerate consisting of rock fragments bonded together with specialized resins. As a natural stone product, it comes in a wide and very diverse range of colors. In construction, it is used as a material for the production of window sills, stairs and various types of countertops.

  • Marble

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the transformation of limestones or dolomites. It mainly consists of crystalline calcite or dolomite. Depending on the admixtures, it can take various colors: white, gray, pink, greenish, black. Marble can be ground, sawn and polished. It is a less resistant material than granite and agglomarble. It has been used since antiquity as a valuable building, sculptural and architectural material, now used in construction with increasing use.

  • Turkish Granite

Granite is a common, solid, acidic igneous rock - deep, medium or coarse crystalline. It has an oval-crystalline structure as a result of the deep-sea environment in which it was formed. Granite comes in a variety of colors such as gray, white-pink, green, red, black, and more. Due to the ease of obtaining large blocks, cutting and polishing, as well as rich and beautiful colors, it is used in construction as a building and decorative stone with high resistance to abrasion and weather conditions.

We invite you to view the products in our showroom.

External window sills

Our external window sills have a very large selection of colors and materials: steel, aluminum and granite. which gives us the certainty that everyone will find something suitable for themselves. The material from which these window sills are made is primarily durable, resistant to weather conditions, but also has a decorative function for windows and the house, therefore, when analyzing the patterns and material or the color of the external window sill, we should focus on making it harmonize with the rest of the elements taken into account. of the building - roofing, windows, plinths and facade.

Our offer includes external window sills such as:

  • Granite window sills

Granites have virtually only advantages. They can be used both inside and outside the building. They are characterized by great resistance to abrasion and external factors. It belongs to one of the hardest and most durable rocks, which means that it can be used for many years without the need for special maintenance.

Granite is also a material with low water absorption, which is related to its high frost resistance and insensitivity to weather conditions. All this makes it an excellent product also on terraces and external stairs.

  • Alu-tile window sills

ALU-TILE window sills are made of 1mm thick raw aluminum sheet and then powder coated in a specific color. The unique production technology allows for obtaining characteristic embossing imitating a clinker tile.

This type of window sills have unique aesthetics thanks to the use of powder structural paints. All painted window sills are additionally secured with a self-adhesive protective film that protects the product during storage and transport.

  • Aluminum and steel window sills

External aluminum window sills are made of high-quality raw and coated aluminum sheets imported from Italian steel mills.
All aluminum window sills are resistant to UV radiation and the influence of weather conditions.

In the manufacturing process, special attention is paid to the process of chemical processing of the detail. Each window sill, which is powder coated, is subjected to special chemical processes. This provides our products with long-term durability and functionality.

file pdf icon Catalog of ALU-PLATE, ALUMINUM, STEEL window sills

Catalog of granite window sills

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