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MB-SKYLINE aluminum sliding patio doors

Limits in the production of windows and doors have been exceeded. The combination of elegant, modern design, possibilities providing a large amount of daylight with safety and ease of use has become the most real. Huge glazing, in addition to being beautiful, is also practical. Such products are increasingly used in buildings with various purposes. Doors and windows of this type not only do not cause unnecessary heat loss, but also save energy. Their installation destroys the wall between what is inside and outside, and thus introduces nature into the room. They are particularly desirable and recommended in facilities located between gardens, meadows or forests or with a view of the mountains, but also in buildings surrounded by city landscapes. They provide beautiful views, and at the same time isolate from city noise or unwanted sounds.

Today, the installation of large patio doors is combined with the installation of intelligent systems, thanks to which the door can be opened and closed using a telephone or a button. Large glass structures are also becoming more and more safe - for example, they have a built-in obstacle detection system.

MB-SKYLINE TYPE R is a modern system of large-size sliding doors, characterized by lightness and aesthetics. It is based on narrow profiles, thanks to which the structures gain a modern look, while providing a panoramic view of the house surroundings.

Skyline aluminum patio door

The main characteristics of the MB-SKYLINE TYPE R door, the user can appreciate at first glance, are: completely hidden door leaf profiles, a narrow post and a shallow door frame. You do not need a lot of force to move huge elements, and the mechanism works almost silently. The maximum height of the structure is 4 meters, and if we use a surface actuator, the movable sash can weigh up to 700 kg. This makes it possible to design spectacular glass walls. Doors made on the basis of this system give the building a unique style and raise the rank of the entire investment.

Skyline aluminum patio door

Functionality and aesthetics:

  • door frame built into the walls, floor and ceiling,
  • door leaf profiles completely hidden in the lower and upper frame,
  • in the case of selecting a drive with a servomotor or locking on the post, the door leaf profiles are also not visible on the sides of the structure,
  • a post on a leaf joint with a width of 25 mm,
  • comfortable, shallow frame with a depth of 23 mm,
  • max. weight of the manually opened leaf: 500 kg, with a surface actuator: 700 kg,
  • glazing range from 52 to 60 mm,
  • design depth of door sections: 71 mm for the leaf and 190 mm for the frame,
  • door leaf made of modern insulating material with high thermal parameters,
  • sliding gaskets used in the frame: modern, aesthetic and noiseless during operation,
  • rollers on which the leaf moves, available in stainless steel and black polyamide,
  • manual locking with BT Lock fittings or on a post,
  • surface actuator with radio receiver and safety radar,
  • modern drainage system with a system gutter,
  • system mounting consoles with height adjustment,
  • construction base with high thermal insulation,
  • the system has the so-called "Zero post", which allows the use of sunshades from the outside, such as SkyFlow blinds and SkyRoll screens.

Skyline aluminum patio door

Skyline aluminum patio door

Aluminum sliding doors in the SKYLINE TYPE R system are primarily a time-consuming and extremely precise production stage. In order for the product to work flawlessly and to present itself in your apartment with dignity, it must go through a complicated prefabrication route to reach its final destination. It requires a lot of commitment, qualified staff and an appropriate CNC machining center. Starting from the first stage, which is the measurement of the structure on the construction site and arrangements for assembly and equipment, to the preparation of an appropriate technical drawing, dimensioning and setting of machines. Then the long-term stage of assembling aluminum profiles in sterile conditions and gluing individual elements to the glass. Everything must be done with high accuracy, as discrepancies within a few millimeters may lead to problems with their functioning. The margin of error is 0, because after gluing it is not possible to disassemble the structure. It is necessary to start production from scratch using new materials. Quality control is the last part in which we check the correctness of execution and compliance with the order.

file pdf iconMB-Skyline product flyer

Aluminum sliding patio door MB-77HS

Lift-and-slide doors are an ideal solution for connecting rooms or winter gardens with the external environment, they are convenient exits to a balcony, terrace or an open garden space.

Aluminum mb-77hs patio door

They enable very good contact with the environment, and in the open position they do not take up space inside the room, which additionally increases the comfort of their use. The MB-77HS system is one of the products with the best parameters and meets all the requirements for this group of products.

It has two construction variants that differ in thermal insulation: ST and HI. The structure of the profiles allows for the production of exclusive doors with large dimensions, filled with one- or two-chamber glass, and the materials and technical solutions used help to achieve a high degree of thermal and acoustic protection. Thanks to its properties, this system is perfect for single-family houses as well as comfortable apartments or hotels.

Functionality, aesthetics, advantages of the structure

  • durable and slender profiles enable the construction of low-threshold doors with a leaf weight of up to 600 kg, height up to 3,24 m and width up to 3,3 m
  • available solutions with a narrow post, in which the visible width of the sections at the door leaf joint is only 47,5 mm
  • the possibility of making corner doors 90 and 270 degrees with a movable post
  • a wide range of fillings, including the use of one- or two-chamber sets as well as thermal breaks and additional accessories and insulation inserts allow to achieve very good thermal and acoustic parameters of the structure
  • glazing beads in three versions: Standard (rectangular), Prestige (rounded) and Style (shaped)
  • the closed shape of glazing beads and anti-theft details allow for increased anti-burglary properties without changing important structural elements of the door
  • special shapes of the cover and glass gaskets as well as appropriate fittings ensure high tightness against water and air penetration through the door
  • profiles are adapted to the assembly of many available on the market hand-locked and automatic fittings
  • possibility of driving the door with the "HS-Master" automatic controlled by a button or a remote control
  • safe use of even large and heavy doors thanks to the "Comfort close" mechanism available in the system
  • high compatibility with the MB-86 system enables aesthetic connection of the MB-77HS door with windows and the use of common components for their production
  • a wide range of colors that allows you to arrange the door in any and independent interior design, both external and internal

Aluminum mb-77hs patio door

Aluminum mb-77hs patio door


  • Air permeability: class 4, EN 12207
  • Water tightness: class 9A, EN 12208
  • Thermal insulation: Uf from 1,4 W / (m2K)
  • Wind load resistance: up to class C4, EN 12210
  • Burglary resistance: up to RC2 class

file pdf icon Product flyer MB-77HS

MB-Slide aluminum sliding patio doors

These systems are intended for the production of sliding doors and windows with thermal insulation that can be built into brick walls, aluminum facades, winter gardens or display cabinets made of elements of the MB-59S or MB-59S Casement systems. Sliding doors, especially those of large dimensions, visually "enlarge" the living space by connecting it to the outside terrace or garden.

MB-Slide aluminum sliding patio doors

The MB-Slide and MB-Slide ST sliding door systems offer great space arrangement possibilities: the maximum dimensions of the sashes are: H: 2600 mm, L: 1800 mm, weight max. 160 kg, there are various variants of development: from 2 to 6 modules. Glass packages up to 26 mm thick can be used in them. These structures also ensure the maintenance of very good technical parameters: plastic thermal breaks provide adequate thermal insulation for aluminum profiles, and sliding gaskets in the form of brushes or TPE thermoplastic elastomer as well as EPDM cover and glass gaskets enable high tightness of the structure.

The structural depth of the leaf sections is 37 mm (except for the horizontal sections in MB-Slide ST), and the frame is 50 mm (2-track rails) and 97 mm (3-track rails) respectively. Identical depth of the basic 2-track frame of the MB-Slide system and the frame of windows and doors of the MB-59S systems, MB-59S CasementMB-59S Pivot i MB-59SE makes it possible to directly connect products made of these systems. Frames with a depth other than 50 mm can be joined with each other using a special, reinforced intermediate mullion.

Side view of the MB-SLIDE sliding door

MB-Slide aluminum sliding patio doors

Bottom cross-section of the MB-SLIDE sliding door

MB-Slide aluminum sliding patio doors

The main differences between the MB-Slide and MB-Slide ST systems are: the structure of the wing sections as well as the production and glazing technology. The sash profiles in MB-Slide have a 3-chamber structure, they are cut at an angle of 45o and joined with the appropriate corners, the corners are then kneaded. The sash frame made in this way is glazed with the help of glazing beads and glazing gaskets. In MB-Slide ST, the leaf profiles have a single-chamber structure, and they are connected by twisting the vertical and horizontal profiles with appropriate screws. Glass assembly takes place here at the stage of joining the wing sections.

Both sliding door systems are largely compatible with other ALUPROF SA systems. Adopting such a design concept allowed for the use of many common sections, accessories and technological processes. All components of sliding door systems are made in accordance with applicable norms and standards.

file pdf icon Product flyer MB-Slide

MB-Fold Line aluminum folding patio doors

External folding doors give a lot of freedom to users. Thanks to them, you can easily use favorable weather conditions and almost literally eliminate the barrier between the interior of the building and its surroundings.

Aluminum folding patio door MB-86

Such a door can therefore be a perfect, wide passage from the house to the terrace or a combination of a cafe or restaurant with its outdoor area, used seasonally.

Aluminum folding patio door MB-86

The MB-86 FOLD LINE system is a very convenient solution in everyday use and at the same time having high technical parameters and enabling the production of large-size structures. Folding doors can be opened both to the outside and inside of the building, and they can have any configuration of the wings. It is a modern product, designed to meet the high requirements of users, architects and investors.

Side view of the MB-86 folding door

Aluminum folding patio door MB-86

Lower cross-section of the MB-86 folding door

Aluminum folding patio door MB-86

Features and advantages of the MB-86 FOLD LINE system:

  • three-chamber, durable aluminum sections with a structural depth of 86 mm for frames and 77 mm for door leaves
  • central section chamber equipped with 24 mm wide thermal breaks for frames and 34 mm wide for door leaves, which translates into high thermal insulation performance of the structure specialized fittings dedicated to the MB-86 FOLD LINE system, ensuring comfortable operation of door leaves with a maximum weight of up to 100 kg
  • large allowable dimensions of the structure, allowing the construction of doors with a leaf height of up to 2700 mm and a width of up to 1000 mm
  • different versions of threshold solutions: classic - with a swing seal or convenient to use - with a low threshold
  • a large range of glazing from 14 to 61,5 mm, allowing the use of both single and double-chamber packages, including specialist packages: with increased acoustic insulation or burglary resistance
  • considerable scope of compatibility of the structure of the MB-86 FOLD LINE system with the well-known and valued ALUPROF MB-86 window and door system: profile joining the same as in MB-86, as well as some sections, gaskets and accessories common to both systems

file pdf icon Product flyer MB-86 Fold Line

Sliding PVC patio doors

The HST 85 mm lift-and-slide door is an ideal solution for those who want a comfortable combination of the interior with the terrace and a panoramic view thanks to the large glass surface. The unquestionable advantage of this type of patio door are the dimensions of the structure that can be made. The width of the leaf can be from 800 mm to 3000 mm wide and up to 2700 mm high in white, which allows you to create even more than six meters of glazing, and special mechanisms allow you to move huge leaves with minimal force.

The doors are available in three different variants:


The mentioned variants differ mainly in the number of chambers in the door profiles. Thanks to the use of appropriate glazing, we can obtain very low thermal transmittance coefficients of the entire door.

PVC sliding patio doors

HST doors use specialized window fittings, which guarantee that the leaves slide freely and without the slightest resistance in relation to each other or in relation to the non-opening parts of the structure. In turn, the appropriate tightness of the space between the moving HST door leaves when they remain in the closed position is ensured by a special system of overlapping catches equipped with a system of rebate gaskets.

HST doors are a modern and safe solution, designed to eliminate ubiquitous barriers. The low door threshold, 48 mm high, which can be recessed from the side of the room along its entire height, meets the requirements for construction without architectural barriers and allows trouble-free entry and exit. Thanks to this solution, it is also possible to align the threshold with the floor surface and thus completely eliminate architectural barriers. Specially shaped threshold feet enable connection with additional system profiles, such as e.g. extensions.

file pdf icon HST product flyer

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