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SkyFlow facade blinds are extremely practical sun shades that effectively protect the interior from excessive heating while ensuring appropriate optical comfort.

A characteristic feature of this type of product is the free adjustment of the slat inclination angle, which allows the selection of the appropriate shade level, and thus for individual management by the user. Additionally, aesthetically profiled lamellas in combination with aluminum construction elements (cassettes and guides) give the facade a modern and original look.

The louvre slats are made of profiled aluminum and are available in two shapes: C and Z. The former have been bent inwards on both sides, which guarantees stiffness and resistance to wind. Moreover, they can be rotated from 0 to 180 degrees. In turn, the Z-shaped lamellas, thanks to their structure, provide fuller shading and are additionally equipped with a special soundproofing gasket. Their range of rotation can be in the range of 0-90 degrees.

The offer includes two types of pins (bolts): aluminum (durable and durable) and PVC (minimizes noise that may arise during wind). The maximum dimensions are: 4500 x 5000 mm. The product provides the possibility of modular assembly in one cassette even up to 6000mm.

Depending on the users' needs, the roller shutters can be controlled via an electric drive with a wall transmitter or a remote control, and also thanks to the use of intelligent control via a computer, tablet or smartphone. The electric shutters are controlled by Somfy and Elero motors with the possibility of using wind, sun or rain sensors. Time programming allows you to set the intervals during the day, and the appropriate configuration allows you to synchronize with the smart home system.

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Self-supporting facade blinds

DOOR Filipek self-supporting shutter windows doors aluminum structuresThe self-supporting shutter is designed mainly for facade installation in facilities with large glazing. Thanks to a well-thought-out structure, the load-bearing elements of the system are guides, which transfer the entire load to the facade pillars. Thus, there is no need for additional fixing of the cover cassette, which is a decorative element thanks to its aesthetic finish. It is made of extruded aluminum and is available in two shapes: oval and square, to which the guides have been adapted.

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Adaptive facade blinds

adaptive shutter DOOR Filipek windows doors aluminum structuresThe adaptive version of the shutter is designed for installation on the facade or in a window recess in already existing buildings. The cover cassette is made of 1,2 mm thick aluminum sheet as standard and available in 4 variants of development. If it is necessary to meet special strength parameters, a sheet with a thickness of 2,0 mm is also available. The system is available in a version with aluminum guides, for which telescopic handles with an adjustment option and rope are available.

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Venetian Blinds Flush-mounted

DOOR Filipek concealed shutter windows doors aluminum structuresThe blind in the flush-mounted version is dedicated to installation in newly built buildings or in existing buildings after making the necessary changes within the lintel. Therefore, it is worth planning the use of this type of covers at the design stage. The cover cassette is made of extruded aluminum and has a special plaster carrier, enabling plastering with any finishing material. The system has dedicated guides intended for installation. It is also possible to use round and square guides from the self-supporting or adaptive version. 

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