MB-OpenSky 120 terrace pergola

The MB-OPENSKY 120 pergola system is a unique product. It is a durable and stylish way to shade outdoors. It is available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit any application.

Here are some of the key benefits of the MB-OPENSKY 120 system:

  • Durable construction: The MB-OPENSKY 120 system is made of extruded aluminum, which is a strong and light corrosion-resistant material.
  • Aesthetic connections: The MB-OPENSKY 120 system uses hidden connections that give the pergola a clean and modern look.
  • Movable slats: The MB-OPENSKY 120 system uses movable slats that can be rotated up to 135 degrees to provide shade or ventilation as needed.
  • Integrated water drainage system: The MB-OPENSKY 120 system uses an integrated water drainage system that prevents rainwater from accumulating on the roof.
  • Variety of sizes and configurations: The MB-OPENSKY 120 system is available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit any application.
  • Two slat shapes available: SLIM (Z type) and STANDARD (FLAT type), drive transmission mechanism with automatic adjustment system - quick installation and easy adjustment of the slats, actuator aesthetically hidden in the structure, gable drainage system - effective drainage of rainwater from the roof over the entire surface of the column.
  • LED lighting available.
  • Possibility of using all-glass construction in the MB-OpenSlide system and/or side screens in the form of SkyRoll screenshots.
  • Revision in the rafter, enabling the installation of radiant heaters.

The MB-OPENSKY 120 system is an excellent choice for home owners who are looking for a durable and stylish outdoor shading solution. It is ideal for terraces, porches and other outdoor areas.

Pergola MB-OpenSky 140

A pergola is primarily a versatile solution that was created to cover sufficiently large areas. It is an elegant and exceptional accessory for fashionable modern construction. It will work well not only in single-family housing as part of terrace or garden development, but also in public and commercial facilities, where they can be modern and practical roofing for summer gardens in cafes or restaurants.

Roofing, shading, protection against the sun and precipitation, as well as a nice and cozy place in the garden or on the terrace where you can spend free time with family or friends. These are one of the many advantages that a high-quality pergola can provide.

Convenience and comfort of use is given by the possibility of maneuvering the slat inclination angle with the use of an actuator hidden in the structure, using a programmed remote control or an installed application.


  • the possibility of integrating and equipping the pergola with roller shutters, facade blinds, screens,
  • the ability to control using an application from a tablet, phone or computer from anywhere on Earth and integration with the control for a smart home,
  • the possibility of adjusting the slats in the range from 0 to 135 degrees,
  • thoughtful drainage of structures,
  • hidden fixing poles,
  • the maximum dimensions of one segment are: L 7 m × W 5 m × H 3 m,
  • a two-nave version is available - longitudinal and transverse
  • the possibility of making a pergola in a version wall and freestanding,
  • the product meets the strength conditions for snow and wind loads,
  • Any color palette, including colors wood-like
MB-OpenSky 140 DOOR Filipek pergolas
Thanks to the possibility of full prefabrication of profiles, the pergola can be sold both

For more information, please contact us contact and welcome!

Soon we will have the opportunity to test and see the exhibition pergola!

MB-OpenSlide system

can be used in pergolas based on the MB-OpenSky 120 and MB-OpenSky 140 systems.

The MB-OpenSlide system is an all-glass sliding structure designed for pergolas, terraces and loggias. The system enables the creation of an aesthetic and modern glass structure, consisting of sliding sashes which, depending on their number and arrangement, can be slid to one side or symmetrically to both sides.

Advantages of the MB-OpenSlide system:

  • Aesthetics: The system is characterized by a modern design and elegant appearance.
  • Functionality: The development allows you to adjust the shading level to your current needs.
  • Resilience: The system is made of high-quality materials, resistant to weather conditions.

Application of the MB-OpenSlide system:

  • Pergolas: The development allows you to create a shaded and comfortable place to relax outdoors.
  • Terraces: The development can provide protection against sun and rain, as well as create additional usable space.
  • Loggia: The structure can protect the loggia from wind and rain, as well as provide privacy.


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