Terrace buildings, winter gardens

Winter gardens are an increasingly popular home decoration and a place to relax. It is an aluminum housing, which is an additional room in the building. It is obvious that in order for a place to rest after a hard day's work, it must be professionally constructed and meet all the aesthetic requirements of its users. In order to meet all these aspects, our company uses the highest quality winter garden systems. The winter garden can be designed and constructed as a living room all year round, or as an additional porch on cold profiles.

The construction of the roof slope can be made with the use of various facade sections. The whole can be based on facade posts, specially reinforced window and door posts. The advanced system of roof rafters allows the use of standard glazing beads from window and door systems.

The glass garden system is available in two variants, in the first of them load-bearing profiles, the so-called The rafters are shaped from the outside of the room in the form of an inverted profile, while in the second variant, the rafters are shaped from the inside of the room as box profiles. The basic width of the rafters is 60mm, depending on the size of the roof and garden, they are increased or strengthened. The rafters are combined with hinge profiles, which are based on the eaves beam or ridge, which facilitates water drainage and allows for good ventilation of the room. The winter garden system provides very good thermal insulation and durability of aluminum profiles thanks to the use of special chamber thermal breaks and EPDM membranes. Garden glazing is available in the range of 20-40 mm.

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