Aluminum or PVC windows?

a section made of polyvinyl chloride, the main chamber of which is reinforced with steel to increase the strength of the structure. What is polyvinyl chloride really? Synthetic polymer from the group of vinyl polymers, obtained by polymerization of vinyl chloride. Used in the manufacture of plastics. It has thermoplastic properties, is characterized by high mechanical strength and is resistant to many solvents.
Undoubtedly, plastic windows have many advantages. The main one is primarily energy efficiency. Today, PVC windows are products with a really favorable heat transfer coefficient. The lower the window, the tighter it is, so it keeps the house warm, which in turn leads to lower heating bills. This is important news for thrifty users.
However, energy efficiency is not everything. Plastic windows are also durable, have good acoustic insulation and are resistant to moisture. The high aesthetics is also distinguishing plastic windows. You can choose frames in various colors, not only in classic white. In addition, plastic windows can effectively imitate wooden windows, and even aluminum covers can be used in them.
Another advantage of plastic windows is, of course, their low price. They are the cheapest windows when you compare them with wooden and aluminum windows. Therefore, not only can you save on the fact that the window is tight and pay lower heating bills, but you can also benefit from the mere purchase of plastic window joinery. An undoubted advantage of plastic windows is also the fact that they do not require special care, e.g. the kind that wooden windows need to maintain their appearance and properties.

It is lightweight, corrosion-resistant and non-magnetic metal. That is why it is used in many different industries, such as automotive, packaging and ... doors and windows. The key chemical compound used in the production of aluminum is aluminum oxide,

Alumina is the most abundant metallic chemical in the earth's crust. It accounts for 8% of the soil and rock of our planet. The ore with the highest concentration of alumina is bauxite. It is found in tropical and subtropical regions. How is bauxite mined? It takes place in opencast mines, where it is obtained from the surface layers of the earth.

Aluminum production is carried out using two processes:

  • Chemical: Bauxite ore is granulated and purified to obtain alumina.
  • Electrolytic: Alumina is melted to release pure aluminum. Liquid aluminum is cast into ingot molds.

In this way, we obtain "natural aluminum".

The main advantages of products made of aluminum are durability and lightness. As a result, windows or doors made of it are much less susceptible to damage compared to PVC and wood structures, and they do not change their size due to temperature changes, which is very important both during installation and operation over many years. The plasticity and formability of aluminum mean that it can be used to form windows of various sizes and shapes, e.g. trapezoidal or circular. The same property affects the fact that the window profiles can be very narrow, and thus, it determines the aesthetic appearance of the windows, which therefore appear slender and have a larger glazing area. Additionally, narrow profiles optically enlarge even small windows. It is also worth adding that aluminum frames can also be wider and allow the installation of exceptionally large, heavy glazing with various properties. Properly selected fittings make it possible to create anti-burglary or fire-resistant structures with a high class of fire resistance.

Windows and doors are also protected against corrosion by anodizing or powder coating. In the second case, we can choose any color of profile finishing. Aluminum windows are also a good warm insulator, as their construction uses the most modern thermal insulation materials. They also do not cause any problems in care, do not require maintenance, and in addition, the metal elements are almost 100% recyclable.

Summarizing the features of aluminum products:

  • they are light compared to other materials
  • have a very good strength-to-weight ratio
  • are corrosion resistant
  • they are diamagnets
  • they are not toxic
  • conduct heat (windows and doors use appropriate thermal breaks to reduce heat conduction)
  • are durable

These properties can be further improved. For extrusion for the production of windows and doors, such an aluminum alloy is mainly used, containing as additional elements mainly magnesium and silicon (Mg and Si), which improve strength and corrosion resistance.

PVC windows

PVC IDEAL 4000 windows

system ideal-4000 1 DOOR Filipek windows doors aluminum structures
The IDEAL 4000 profile series combines the latest technology with the highest living comfort. The strong structure of the profiles with a depth of 70-85 mm and large chambers for steel reinforcements guarantee optimal static parameters and enable the production of large-size windows. The multi-chamber structure provides high thermal and acoustic insulation. Original and harmonious design, combined with a wealth of system solutions, give unlimited possibilities to create windows and thus emphasize your own style. The universal IDEAL 4000 system works well both in modern architecture of single- and multi-family housing, as well as in the case of renovation. In the latter case, where it is often not possible to enlarge the window opening, a particularly significant advantage is the reduced height of the frame and the sash, which increases the glazing area and allows more light to enter the rooms.
Classic, elegant lines in slender profiles with clear contours of the non-flush version are a guarantee of timeless elegance. For those looking for unique opportunities to create their windows, the Round-line series was created, distinguished by delicate optics and gentle curves. Various types of glazing beads allow for additional styling of the window and matching the character of the interior.
system ideal-4000 3 DOOR Filipek windows doors aluminum structures
The IDEAL 4000 85 mm variant available in this series is a system that combines the most popular solutions with an external seal with a six-chamber frame structure with a depth of 85 mm, allowing for better thermal insulation of windows. It is a guarantee of the highest standard based on a product that has been proven and appreciated by the market. The perfect selection of forms also makes the windows in this line a perfect element in interior design, giving them an original and extraordinary look.

PVC IDEAL 5000 windows

system ideal-5000 DOOR Filipek windows doors aluminum structures

Modern architecture requires new standards. The perfect form of the IDEAL 5000 profiles meets these requirements - it combines the latest technology with the highest living comfort. Harmonious shapes, strong construction and attractive design guarantee timeless elegance. The IDEAL 5000 system is a classic structure with a central seal.
The system of three seals is not only greater tightness of the entire structure, but also a much longer life of the hardware mechanisms, which are isolated from external conditions in the so-called dry chamber.
The multi-chamber structure of the profiles together with the structure sealing system also allowed to improve the thermal properties of the profiles, which in the case of the IDEAL 5000 series allow to obtain a thermal insulation coefficient of Uf = 1,2 W / m2K. With the use of energy-saving glazing up to 41 mm wide, you can obtain excellent thermal parameters of the windows. A wide range of decorative foils and a system of aluminum overlays enable to obtain virtually any color of windows.
the ideal-5000 anti-burglary system DOOR Filipek windows doors aluminum structures
The Ideal 5000 system is one of the few systems on the market with the so-called "Classic middle seal". A special extruded central rebate, to which the third, internal seal firmly adheres, ensures better tightness of the entire structure, improves thermal and acoustic properties, and also makes it difficult to balance the sash, blocking access to the fittings.

PVC IDEAL 7000 windows

PVC window system ideal-7000 DOOR Filipek windows doors aluminum structures

Modern architecture requires new standards in the technical, functional and aesthetic sphere. The changing legal requirements for construction joinery, as well as, above all, the expectations of customers looking for warmer and warmer windows are trends that cannot be left indifferent to.

IDEAL 7000 is an example of the synergistic use of the properties of profiles and insulating glass in order to create windows with very low thermal transmittance. The thermal transmittance coefficient of the profiles obtained in the tests  Uf= 1,1-1,0 W / m2K combined with the possibility of using wider and warmer glazing units up to 51 mm wide guarantees the best thermal parameters of the window.

PVC window system ideal 7000 2 DOOR Filipek windows doors aluminum structures

It is a system with an external seal, which makes it possible to offer an energy-saving solution also for glazed structures, without the need to use adapters. A large chamber with solid steel reinforcement guarantees the stability of the frame. The system enables easy connection of frames with other series of profiles with a depth of 85 mm. It is a system with an external seal, which makes it possible to offer an energy-saving solution also for glazed structures, without the need to use adapters.

file pdf icon IDEAL 7000 product flyer

PVC IDEAL 8000 windows

system ideal 8000 DOOR Filipek windows doors aluminum structures

The IDEAL 8000 window system is a combination of the most modern technical solutions for obtaining above-average properties, guaranteeing warmth, silence, safety and exceptional window aesthetics. When choosing the IDEAL 8000 window system, you choose a top-shelf product in which the quality of the profiles and the materials used are not subject to compromise. A well-thought-out structure and profile geometry, combined with the available technologies, ensure excellent statics, long-term maintenance of the window function and trouble-free operation. Creating window structures with low thermal transmittance is not only a fashion and curiosity, it is a permanent and long-term direction of window technology development . The Ideal 8000 system fits perfectly in the search for thermal energy savings by increasing the depth of sections and the number of internal chambers and the implementation of new glazing technologies for window sashes.system ideal 8000 2 DOOR Filipek windows doors aluminum structures
The thermal transmittance coefficient of U profiles obtained in the testsf= 1,0 W / m2K places the IDEAL 8000 system among the most important solutions for investors interested in energy-saving construction. Achieving such results was possible thanks to increasing the depth of the profiles to 85 mm, the six-chamber structure of the profiles and the designed system of three seals. The possibility of using energy-saving glazing with a width of up to 51 cm allows the creation of windows with a very low thermal transmittance. For example, a reference window with dimensions of 1230 x 1480 mm when using a glazing unit with a U-valueg= 0,5 W / m2K achieves a thermal insulation coefficient of Uw= 0,76 W / m2K, i.e. meeting the requirements for windows in the so-called passive construction. The IDEAL 8000 system is a classic structure with a central seal, which is a guarantee above-average properties in terms of tightness of the structure, thermal and acoustic insulation.file pdf icon   IDEAL 8000 product flyer

Aluminum windows

MB-45 aluminum windows

The Aluprof MB-45 DOOR aluminum window system
MB-45 is a modern aluminum system used to make architectural elements that do not require thermal insulation internal building. For example, partition walls, windows, shop windows, checkout boxes, showcases. The leaf and frame profiles give the effect of a single plane from the outside after the joinery is closed. It is possible to bend the MB-45 system profiles, which allows for the production of various types of arches and arch structures. The seals that are used are synthetic EPDM rubber, which guarantees tightness.
The aluprof MB-45 DOOR aluminum window systemThe aluprof MB-45 DOOR aluminum window system
file pdf icon Product flyer MB-45

MB-59S Casement aluminum windows

The Aluprof MB-59S DOOR aluminum window system

The MB-59S Casement is intended for the production of windows hinged and side-hung, opening outwards, with thermal and acoustic insulation. Windows from this system are designed to be built into openings in a wall and also to be mounted in a mullion and transom façade.

Depending on the thermal requirements of the building, the MB-59S Casement HI version of this system with improved thermal insulation can be used. Special inserts are placed in the central chamber of the aluminum profiles. Outward opening windows can be equipped with rotary or scissor hinges. The MB-59S Casement system allows the use of glazing up to 40,5mm in window sashes, and up to 31,5mm in spacers. This system is aesthetic, the internal surfaces of the frame and the sash lie in one plane, the glazing gaskets are hardly visible from the outside, and an effective drainage system is used.The aluprof MB-59s DOOR aluminum window system


MB-60 aluminum windows

The Aluprof MB-60 DOOR aluminum window system
MB-60 aluminum system with thermal and acoustic insulation. We use this system to make windows, shop windows, doors and small spatial structures. This profile has a three-chamber structure. The windows have the effect of one plane when closed. The shape of the profiles allows us to obtain slim and durable structures. It is possible to bend the frame, wings and lacings. By using thermal breaks and EPDM gaskets, we are able to obtain a heat transfer coefficient of U = 2,0 W / m2K. Thermal breaks increase the stiffness of the profiles. Taking into account the constantly growing demand in the construction industry, ALUPROF has developed systems with a thermal barrier MB-60HI, MB-60US HI, MB-60E HI. For these structures, the U-value is better, depending on the profiles and accessories used. Windows from the MB-60HI system can be used in individual development and in aluminum facades.
The aluprof MB-60 DOOR aluminum window systemThe ALUPROF MB-60 DOOR window system
file pdf icon Product flyer MB-60

MB-70 aluminum windows

The Aluprof MB-70 DOOR aluminum window system

MB-70 is a modern aluminum system that is used to make demanding structures with thermal and acoustic insulation. The profiles have a three-chamber structure. We use them to create windows, doors, vestibules, showcases, and spatial structures. The sash and frame, after closing the window, create the effect of one plane from the outside. The shape of the profiles allows for a slim and durable structure. In this system, we are able to obtain a low value of the heat transfer coefficient. Depending on what profiles we use and accessories, we get U from 1,5 to 2,39 W / m2K. The thermal breaks used in this system are omega-shaped, 34mm wide. They are made of glass-fiber reinforced polyamide. These washers strengthen the profile and facilitate drainage of sections, which ensures proper thermal insulation of the window in all weather conditions.

The MB-70 system is the basis for the better MB-70HI, MB-70US HI solutions, for such U windows it can be 1,0 to 2,3 W / m2K. thermal insulation is increased by adding insulation inserts in the central chamber of the profiles. MB-70HI windows can be installed in individual development as well as in aluminum facades. Windows made in the MB-70US (Hidden Sash) system have sashes that are invisible from the outside of the joinery.

The aluprof MB-70 DOOR aluminum window systemThe ALUPROF MB-70 DOOR window system
file pdf icon Product flyer MB-70

MB-86 aluminum windows

The Aluprof MB-86 DOOR aluminum window system

MB-86 is a window and door system with very good parameters, giving the possibility to meet the various needs of users. The structure of its sections has 2 variants depending on the requirements of thermal energy saving: ST, SI. MB-86 is the world's first aluminum window system to use airgel - a material with excellent thermal insulation. The advantages of the MB-86 system also include the high strength of the profiles, enabling the production of large and heavy windows.

Features that affect the functionality and aesthetics of windows made in the MB-86 system:

  • New shape wide thermal breaks
  • A wide range of sections guarantees the required aesthetics and strength of the structure
  • Glazing strips with additional sealing
  • Profile shapes adapted to the assembly of various types of envelope fittings, including hidden hinges
  • A wide range of glazing allows the use of all types of glass, including two-chamber, acoustic or anti-burglary
  • Profile drainage available in two variants: traditional or hidden

Windows on MB-86 profiles, depending on the profiles used, and accessories obtain very good thermal parameters MB-86 ST from 1,39W / m2K, MB-86 SI from 0,92W / m2K, MB-86 AERO from 0,57W / m2K .

The aluprof MB-86 DOOR aluminum window system
aluminum system Aluprof MB-86 DOORaluminum system Aluprof MB-86 DOOR aluminum system Aluprof MB-86 DOOR
file pdf icon Product flyer MB-86

Aluminum windows MB-104 Passive

The Aluprof MB-104 passive DOOR aluminum window system

MB-104 Passive is a system with a thermal break o the highest thermal insulationmeets all the requirements of passive construction. The MB-104 Passive system is used for external development, e.g. windows, vestibules, display windows and spatial structures. This system is characterized by high thermal and acoustic insulation, water and air tightness, and high structural strength. The MB-104 Passive system has two variants of the SI and AERO execution, depending on the requirements of thermal energy savings. This system is dedicated to energy-saving and passive construction.

Advantages of the MB-104 Passive system

  • Windows with Passive House Institute Darmstadt certificates for the MB-104 Passive SI and MB-104 Passive Aero versions
  • High thermal insulation for the U-opening windoww from 0,53 W / m2K and for the U doorD from 0,62 W / m2K
  • Insulating parameters above the norm
  • A wide range of glazing up to 81 mm
Aluminum window system MB-104 Passive DOOR
aluminum system Aluprof MB-104 Passive DOOR
aluminum system Aluprof MB-104 Passive DOOR

Glazed aluminum facades - walls made of MB-SR50N glass

We live in times when the aesthetics and appearance of the building play an extremely important role. Currently, you cannot afford to make the exterior of your home, office or hotel unattractive. The use of facades is today the most popular and seems to be the only rational way to achieve an attractive appearance of a building. The facade system is an offer that meets the latest requirements of energy-efficient construction. Because we want our customers to be able to proudly present their buildings, we only use proven systems from ALUPROF MB-SR50N and MB-SR50N EFFEKT. MB-SR50N is a system of post-and-beam structures intended for the construction of curtain walls, spatial structures and roof glazing, the most important task of which is to illuminate the interior of the building and create an atmosphere for the users.

Advanced technical solutions allow for the construction of straight or arched walls, passing any external and internal angles and adapting to winter gardens. The system allows to apply solutions for the lintel-sill strip and for the curtain wall in a full configuration. The MB-SR50N system has two versions with increased thermal insulation MB-SR50N HI and MB-SR50N HI +, and it also has a variant that allows you to make a facade with different looks, the so-called MB-SR50N EFEKT semi-structural facade.

DOOR Filipek aluminum fire-resistant facades

The shape of the profiles in the MB-SR50N system is the so-called sharp edge which affects the aesthetics of the structure. The shape of the profiles allows for the selection of mullions and transoms in such a way as to create the effect of flush surfaces on the internal side of the facade, which facilitates the aesthetic appearance with internal walls and suspended ceilings. The posts are available in various sizes, from 65mm to 325mm, and the bolts from 5mm to 189,5mm. This system gives a lot of freedom in the design of fixing points, and a wide range of glazing, so you can use triple glazed units. Various types of doors and windows can be built into the described system, including hinged and roof windows.

aluminum fire-resistant facades MB-SR0N DOOR Filipek

MB-SR50N EFEKT This system is based on the MB-SR50N aluminum system. A special system of fixing glass to mullions and transoms in MB-SR50N EFEKT facades gives the effect of a smooth glass wall from the outside, divided by a structure of vertical and horizontal lines, two centimeters wide. These gaps are filled with a special silicone binder, which ensures tightness of the structure and good insulation properties. An important advantage of this façade is its high glazing capacity: one and two-chamber panes and non-transparent panels can be used. What is important, packages with laminated glass can also be used in facades.

 file pdf icon  Product flyer of MB-SR50N

MB-Ferroline aluminum windows

The Aluprof MB-Ferroline DOOR aluminum window system
The MB-Ferroline system with a thermal break is ideal for the renovation of historic buildings, while maintaining the appropriate appearance of windows that imitate steel joinery and ensure very good technical parameters of the structure. In this system, it is possible to make inward opening windows, i.e. turn, tilt, tilt and turn, as well as outward opening or tilt windows, as well as fixed windows. An important feature of windows is good sound insulation, water and air tightness, and high strength of the profiles. The MB-Ferroline system has several types of external appearance of the sections, the available renovation frames allow for the assembly of new joinery without removing the old frames, which reduces the risk of damaging the wall around the windows. The visible width of the profiles can be adjusted so as not to create large differences in the external appearance between the old and new windows.The ALUPROF MB-Ferroline DOOR window system

MB-Slimline aluminum windows

The Aluprof MB-slimline DOOR aluminum window system

MB-Slimline a window system with a thermal break and high thermal insulation. It is used to make windows that open from the inside or fixed. These structures are characterized by good acoustic insulation, water and air tightness, and high strength of the profiles. Due to the fact that the aluminum profiles are narrow, it enables the construction of window sashes in two variants - with visible or invisible profiles from the outside of the building. The MB-Slimline system can be a great replacement old-type windows made of steel profilesproviding a similar appearance from the outside, it also increases the thermal insulation of the partition.
The aluprof MB-Slimline DOOR aluminum window system

MB-23P aluminum windows

The Aluprof MB-23P DOOR aluminum window system

MB-23P is a system primarily intended for light balcony glazing. Sliding windows are horizontal. Such windows protect the open balcony space against bad weather conditions, i.e. wind, rain, snow, and even dirt and noise, and make it difficult for a thief to break in, which is especially important for customers living on the ground floor. The depth of the sections is 53mm for the frame, and 23mm for the wing.

The structures of the MB-23P system have an effective water drainage and ventilation system from the glass chamber and from the chamber between the leaf and the frame. The structure can be filled with glass with a maximum thickness of 8 mm, which is selected depending on the dimensions of the wings and the location of the building.The aluprof MB-23P DOOR aluminum window system


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