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Folk customs are still present in our society and region. Some of us take certain beliefs and superstitions very seriously ... And since our culture has always focused on the family and home, the folk traditions associated with different parts of the house could be enumerated endlessly. One of the most important elements has always been the door to the home kingdom. Huge, low, wooden, simple, richly decorated, leading to a house or a secret garden - the door has fascinated and fascinated us for centuries. No wonder that they have a symbolic meaning interpreted in various ways.

To approximate the meaning of the door, one must first know the main symbolic meaning of the door. It turns out that - like a gate or a portal - they are a symbol of transition, change. It can even be said that the threshold plays the role of a border between worlds that are very different from each other: it separates a foreign, unknown and dangerous world from the one closest to us, tame and safe. For example, it has survived to this day folk traditionthat you shouldn't say hello over the threshold. It is believed that activities performed on the border of these two spaces have a very negative impact on us. Therefore, guests should be greeted either before they cross the threshold to our house, or right after entering, when they have made themselves comfortable, so as not to tempt bad fate.

Our offer includes all types of doors, which can also be ordered with an assembly service after prior determination of the appropriate dimensions and details of the order. Customers can choose from a wide range of, among others, external and internal entrance doors, patio doors or automated sliding doors intended for passages with high traffic, used mainly in industry, public buildings and large-format stores.

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