Another of our many started projects is in the final stage. This time we are present at the construction site located in Bochnia Economic Activity Zone.

Glazed aluminum structures MB-SR50N DOOR Filipek

Glazed aluminum structures were made in the system MB-SR50N. It is a mullion-transom wall system intended for the construction and fabrication of light curtain walls - flat, suspended and filling type, as well as roofs, skylights and other structures.

The glass wall has been installed so-called "Outside the wall" where vertical poles are mounted with special mounting clamps. The entire structure was sealed on the perimeter from the outside with a vapor-permeable EPDM apron to reduce the impact of negative weather conditions for the materials used, such as wind or sun rays.

System MB-SR50N it enables the installation of various types of windows and doors into the façade, including windows dedicated to façades: a hinged window and a skylight. In this case, a double-leaf aluminum door was used as the entrance door to the building. The doors opening to the outside are equipped with a strip lock with 3 locking points, surface hinges visible from the outside of the building, a warm, aluminum threshold and a double-sided stainless steel handrail with a length of 1600 mm mounted at an angle of 45o to the plane of the active door leaf. For the whole, the popular nowadays color of the joinery from the RAL 7016 palette was used. The anthracite color combined with the façade creates a coherent, modern and well-presented body while maintaining the original appearance.

Two-chamber glass panes were used, or in other words, a triple-glazed unit, ensuring lower heat losses, and thus significantly improving the parameters of the entire glass wall.

  • Stopsol graphite 6 ESG / 18/6/18 / 44.2VSG

In the production phase, this glass is coated with metal oxide, which provides protection against overheating and control of light penetrating inside the room, and the graphite color means that the energy absorbed by the glass pane is returned to the outside. Thanks to this, it is possible to limit the heating of the rooms and limit the amount of light entering inside. The safety conditions of the glass have been maintained thanks to the use of toughened safety glass (ESG) and laminated safety glass VSG. The first of them undergoes a special thermal treatment (hardening), which increases the durability and resistance to mechanical damage, and after breaking it breaks into small crystals. The second variant used from the inside of the room consists of two panes of appropriate thickness, connected to each other with a special foil, which means that the glass does not fall apart after breaking, but is glued to the foil.

The corner joints of the panes add an additional visual aspect. The "glass to glass" connection excludes the need to use an aluminum column and thus increases visibility and light access. The connection of the panes is possible thanks to its special treatment and the use of a sealing compound resistant to weather conditions.

The shape of the mullions and transoms allows to build aesthetic facades with visible narrow dividing lines, while ensuring the durability and strength of the structure. The shapes of the profiles enable the selection of mullion and transom profiles that gives the effect of flushing the surface of mullions and transoms from the inside of the facade. Thanks to this, the glazing structure can constitute a truss uniform in view. At the same time, it facilitates aesthetic and precise connections with other elements of the development: internal walls and suspended ceilings.


  • angular connections enabling free shaping of aluminum structures
  • mullions and transoms with "sharp" edges allowing to build supporting structures for facades with the appearance of a uniform truss
  • aesthetic variations of the facade and a number of overlay profiles of various shapes provide many variants of the facade image
  • a wide range of opening elements in the facade: various types of windows and doors, including skylights, windows integrated with the facade, as well as tilt and parallel windows
  • a wide range of glazing as well as the available insulators and accessories allow to obtain a high level of thermal insulation of the facades
  • the possibility of bending profiles and building arch structures

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