Recreational houses in the Bieszczady Mountains

Recreational houses in the Bieszczady Mountains

The May weekend is fast approaching, so why not drop everything and go to the Bieszczady Mountains? cool

Recreation in the vicinity of Solina has recently been very popular. Dense forests, numerous streams and hills at our eastern border magically stop time during your stay in this region of Poland. Peace and quiet are the hallmarks of this place where people run away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and everyday rush. Of course, we cannot forget about traditional Polish grilling laughing

This possibility is given to us by people implementing projects like this one. Buildings in a modern style with a barn body with a glazed front facade of the building - very popular recently - have been equipped by us with modern aluminum joinery, which, as you can see, we are able to produce for any size and taking into account all preferences and expectations of the customer. In this project, we used connected two-rail sliding systems MB-77HS with the MB-86 aluminum window system in the form of oblique external windows.

  • Aluminum windows and shop windows MB-86
  • Aluminum sliding patio doors MB-77HS

The exterior joinery is made in the popular color: semi-matt red. Such cooperation of color with anthracite external elements of the building finishing can be seen in the photos below.

Aluminum facades, photovoltaic panels

Aluminum facades, photovoltaic panels

Solar panels integrated with the facade

A combination of an aluminum and glass facade with photovoltaic panels? Everything is possible. Renewable energy sources (in this case solar energy) have their main share in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, being at the same time an excellent alternative to fossil fuels and providing us with the energy necessary for our life. In our implementation, we have adapted the glazed aluminum facade of the building to the installation of solar panels. Thanks to this solution, the adaptation possibilities of the MB-SR50N facade system were perfectly used. The investment consisted in installing an aluminum facade on the existing facade.


MB-SR50 N - glazed aluminum facades

MB-86 - double doors installed in a tight vestibule

MB-86 - aluminum windows

In addition, it was designed all-glass canopy mounted on a structure made of aluminum sections.

In the photos below you can see the effects of the work carried out.

Facade blinds

Facade blinds

Installation slat facade blinds. More and more popular, going hand in hand with the fashion for large glazing, blinds are more and more often chosen version of sunshades, because one blind can have dimensions up to 4500 mm wide and 4000 mm high (max. area 18m2).

The main advantage of this product is the ability to adjust the angle of the slats, thus regulating the amount of light entering the room, and thus preventing the rooms from heating up. Thanks to the possibility of using a sun sensor, the blind can itself determine the angle of inclination of the slats in relation to the position of the sun. Additional sensors, such as wind and rain sensors, ensure the automatic reaction of the product in the event of exceeding the set parameters, protecting the blinds in accordance with the acceptable strength standards. Aluminum shutter profiles are available in two variants:

  • "Z" profile (drawing Z90) - Their range of rotation can be in the range of 0-90 degrees.
  • "C" profile (drawing C80) - they can be rotated from 0 to 180 degrees

DOOR Filipek lamellas



Additionally, aesthetically profiled lamellas in combination with aluminum construction elements (cassettes and guides) give the facade a modern and original look.

The company's offer includes three variants of the facade blinds: adaptive (SZF / A), self-supporting (SZF / S) and flush-mounted (SZF / BX).

A facade blind in the BX flush-mounted version has been designed mainly for easy and quick installation in newly constructed buildings. The system has dedicated guides that facilitate quick surface mounting in two sizes. The protective box is a ready-made element and is made of bent aluminum sheet.

Self-supporting DOOR Filipek shutter

Self-supporting shutter has been designed mainly for facade installation in facilities with large glazing. Thanks to the well-thought-out structure, the load-bearing elements of the system are guides, which transfer the entire load to the facade pillars. Thus, there is no need for additional fixing of the cover cassette, which is a decorative element thanks to its aesthetic finish. It is made of extruded aluminum and is available in two shapes: oval and square, to which the guides have been adapted.

Self-supporting DOOR Filipek shutter

The shutter in the adaptive version it is designed for installation on the facade or in a window recess in already existing buildings. The protective cassette is made of 1,2 mm thick aluminum sheet as standard and available in 4 variants of development.

The shutter in the DOOR Filipek adaptive version

Depending on the users' needs, the blinds can be controlled by an electric drive with a key switch, a wall transmitter or a remote control, as well as through the use of intelligent control via a computer, tablet or smartphone. You can choose the company's motors and automation Somfy or Elero.

Electric control (electric drive) is the simplest but more affordable solution. The blind is raised and lowered by an electric actuator. Electric actuators ensure maximum operating comfort. We can choose from:

  • central control- from one place for all sets
  • individual control- from one place for one set.

Thanks to the latest technology, you can use the timer that will automatically raise and lower the blind at a set time.

In addition, having a choice of radio or wire control, we give you full flexibility of solutions:

  • radio control (wireless)- it does not require additional wiring, so our walls are intact and we can use this control anywhere in the house. Commands to lower, raise or stop are sent to the actuator via the remote control or wall transmitter. This type of control allows us to unlimited configuration options.
  • wired control- the ability to operate the roller shutter with a key switch, key switch or rotary switch (the switches can be supported or not supported). Thanks to the use of control systems, it is possible to configure many individual solutions. However, this requires significantly more wiring, appropriate binding and grouping of the blinds according to the customer's preferences.

 Electric actuators included in the automatic control ensure maximum operating comfort.

  • intelligent control- using the control unit, controlling the roller shutter or shutter is extremely simple and comfortable. This driver allows you to manage using mobile products such as tablets or smartphones from anywhere. It allows you to group mobile devices such as roller shutters, gates, facade blinds or awnings, and allows you to create time events and scenes. The free application with a comfortable and modern interface is extremely user-friendly.

 It is possible to test the product in our showroom at ul. Adolf Miter 5!

"Order" in our performance

"Order" in our performance

Lutek is variable in various ways: half winter, half spring. Regardless of the weather conditions, we are finalizing another investment. This time it is a warehouse and production hall with an administrative building located in Rzezawa. We are glad that we were chosen to implement it. The project consisted in the preparation and installation of an aluminum facade with a perfectly flat surface. The effect was obtained thanks to the use of specially prepared glass with a place for mounting and the replacement of traditional external glass pressing strips with black sealing compound.

  • Applied Systems:
    • Glazed glass facade MB-SR50N EFFECT
    • All-glass entrance door pinned into the glass facade
    • All-glass canopy
  • Unfolded facade width: 45 meters
  • Maximum height: 7,8 meters.
  • Area: approx. 300 m2
  • Glazing used: two-sided safety glass ESG 6 STOPSOL GRAFIT / 18 / ESG6 / 18 / 44,2 TGI with a warm edge

The door uses both hidden hinges and a hidden door closer hidden in the door frame, invisible when the door is closed, with the possibility of smooth adjustment. Both sides of the door are equipped with a stainless steel handrail, covering the entire height of the door leaf. Thanks to the possibility of using all-glass doors, we have obtained a uniform glass surface of the wall.

Stopsol is a type of sun protection glass that can be made of plain or tinted glass. Additionally, it is covered with a layer of metal oxides or precious metals. The glass layer resembles a mirror and reflects part of the solar radiation. In this way, it prevents overheating of the rooms and in some way protects the house from thieves, because it makes it difficult to determine what is going on inside. Such glass is chosen not only for the protection of rooms against heat and light, but also plays a large role in enhancing the aesthetic values ​​of the building and its surroundings.

The final stage of the project was the installation of an all-glass roof mounted to facade posts made of laminated and tempered glass ESG VSG 66.2

Facades, glazed aluminum structures

Facades, glazed aluminum structures

Another of our many started projects is in the final stage. This time we are present at the construction site located in Bochnia Economic Activity Zone.

Glazed aluminum structures MB-SR50N DOOR Filipek

Glazed aluminum structures were made in the system MB-SR50N. It is a mullion-transom wall system intended for the construction and fabrication of light curtain walls - flat, suspended and filling type, as well as roofs, skylights and other structures.

The glass wall has been installed so-called "Outside the wall" where vertical poles are mounted with special mounting clamps. The entire structure was sealed on the perimeter from the outside with a vapor-permeable EPDM apron to reduce the impact of negative weather conditions for the materials used, such as wind or sun rays.

System MB-SR50N it enables the installation of various types of windows and doors into the façade, including windows dedicated to façades: a hinged window and a skylight. In this case, a double-leaf aluminum door was used as the entrance door to the building. The doors opening to the outside are equipped with a strip lock with 3 locking points, surface hinges visible from the outside of the building, a warm, aluminum threshold and a double-sided stainless steel handrail with a length of 1600 mm mounted at an angle of 45o to the plane of the active door leaf. For the whole, the popular nowadays color of the joinery from the RAL 7016 palette was used. The anthracite color combined with the façade creates a coherent, modern and well-presented body while maintaining the original appearance.

Two-chamber glass panes were used, or in other words, a triple-glazed unit, ensuring lower heat losses, and thus significantly improving the parameters of the entire glass wall.

  • Stopsol graphite 6 ESG / 18/6/18 / 44.2VSG

In the production phase, this glass is coated with metal oxide, which provides protection against overheating and control of light penetrating inside the room, and the graphite color means that the energy absorbed by the glass pane is returned to the outside. Thanks to this, it is possible to limit the heating of the rooms and limit the amount of light entering inside. The safety conditions of the glass have been maintained thanks to the use of toughened safety glass (ESG) and laminated safety glass VSG. The first of them undergoes a special thermal treatment (hardening), which increases the durability and resistance to mechanical damage, and after breaking it breaks into small crystals. The second variant used from the inside of the room consists of two panes of appropriate thickness, connected to each other with a special foil, which means that the glass does not fall apart after breaking, but is glued to the foil.

The corner joints of the panes add an additional visual aspect. The "glass to glass" connection excludes the need to use an aluminum column and thus increases visibility and light access. The connection of the panes is possible thanks to its special treatment and the use of a sealing compound resistant to weather conditions.

The shape of the mullions and transoms allows to build aesthetic facades with visible narrow dividing lines, while ensuring the durability and strength of the structure. The shapes of the profiles enable the selection of mullion and transom profiles that gives the effect of flushing the surface of mullions and transoms from the inside of the facade. Thanks to this, the glazing structure can constitute a truss uniform in view. At the same time, it facilitates aesthetic and precise connections with other elements of the development: internal walls and suspended ceilings.


  • angular connections enabling free shaping of aluminum structures
  • mullions and transoms with "sharp" edges allowing to build supporting structures for facades with the appearance of a uniform truss
  • aesthetic variations of the facade and a number of overlay profiles of various shapes provide many variants of the facade image
  • a wide range of opening elements in the facade: various types of windows and doors, including skylights, windows integrated with the facade, as well as tilt and parallel windows
  • a wide range of glazing as well as the available insulators and accessories allow to obtain a high level of thermal insulation of the facades
  • the possibility of bending profiles and building arch structures

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