Windows and doors - Customer preferences

Customer preferences can be known thanks to the conducted research, it is possible to set a certain standard of product selection accompanying customers on the joinery market.
Drawing conclusions not only from the study but also from many years of experience of our company by choosing okna home, customers decide primarily on the so-called openable windows. "Tilt-and-turn, less often for fixed or non-opening windows. As door terrace, HS type lift and slide doors are being installed more and more often.
An interesting solution that is very popular are corner windows, installed in order to optically enlarge the room and give the effect of opening the building to the outside environment.
So what variants do customers have to choose from??

DOOR Filipek aluminum patio doors

When building a house, each investor thinks about choosing the most optimal solution. He then cares for the best possible performance so that the materials used fulfill their basic task, are failure-free and look aesthetically and coherently, appropriately influencing the entire concept of the building. What is the most important then? Undoubtedly, the price-quality ratio.

Unfortunately, the current market situation does not help. Raging inflation, the effect of which are the constantly rising prices of materials for the window and door industry, forces customers to make quick decisions which, due to the time pressure, are not always the ideal ones. Currently, the price is not the only problem. Additionally, it is worth mentioning the limited availability of materials and prefabricated elements, and sometimes even their lack.

How to shorten the purchase process and at the same time be fully aware of the selected products and their intended use? We would like to introduce you to the standard, optimal and most popular solution used mainly in single-family houses but also in private investments.

PVC windows

Energy costs are rising very fast. To minimize them, proper thermal insulation of the materials used is necessary. Taking into account the price and the thermal transmittance coefficient, the best solution will be provided by PVC windows (eg IDEAL 8000). Their very good price-quality ratio is enough to make the right decision. The materials used allow for faster and cheaper production of such products, and thus a lower final price compared to e.g. aluminum or wooden windows. High thermal insulation, durability and low price definitely speak for the choice of such a material. Unfortunately, PVC windows have numerous limitations regarding the dimensions and weight of the structure.

DOOR Filipek aluminum patio doors

Aluminum windows

Buildings where the design requires the use of large glazing and tall opening windows should be equipped with aluminum windows and doors. One of the reasons why this material is recommended for large structures is much greater strength, durability and, at the same time, lightness of the profiles. Both aluminum and PVC structures, depending on the selected system, are characterized by high thermal insulation, but the material used and the complex production process of metal products make the products more expensive. For structures requiring diagonal profile connections, aluminum products are also much better suited, as they guarantee the stability and durability of non-standard, angular section connections. The aluminum window system is primarily modern. High durability allows for the production of large-size structures with the use of narrow profiles using window and door systems or mullion and transom systems. (e.g. glazed aluminum facades - glass walls).

An example of the use of aluminum windows and patio doors in a window and door system is the investment below:


The larger the structure, the greater the price of the glass used. There is no doubt that in order to meet today's requirements for thermal insulation, glass panes should be at least two-chamber, guaranteeing the appropriate comfort of users. From the point of view of safety, the type of glass is extremely important in windows and doors where the glazing is from the floor level and the glass should be safe. Both the issues of the type of glass from the point of view of safety and the properties of the glass are the individual preferences of the customer or their properties are listed in the project.

Corner windows are an extremely popular solution, which can be made in two ways:

  • Connecting windows with a fixed post (section, profile)
  • Connecting windows using a corner joint of the panes, the so-called "Glass to glass".

Corner window

The corner connection with glass panes entails several important requirements that directly affect the price. Such glass should be toughened beforehand, thanks to which it increases its strength. On the other hand, the gap at the junction of the panes should be filled with a special sealing compound. This does not give the effect of a perfectly transparent corner. This is made impossible by the applied sealing compound and the thickness of the package of the glazing unit. (picture) If the investment involves the use of sun visors, the only optimal solution to maintain the sense of the "glass to glass" connection is to use a facade blind with rope guides. When planning external roller shutters, this variant of the window will not work, because the corner installation of the roller shutter guides will disturb the entire concept of using such a window connection.

DOOR Filipek aluminum patio doors
DOOR Filipek aluminum patio doors

Terrace doors

Taking into account the standard dimensions of the mounting holes for a single-family house, aluminum window and door structures are more expensive than PVC structures. However, this does not apply to patio and sliding doors. Even the necessary patio doors, lift and slide made of aluminum, contradict the above-mentioned words. Because the same patio doors, but made of PVC, require the use of more expensive fittings, which automatically increases the value of the entire structure, thus causing more expensive versions of sliding doors, making the product made of aluminum an advantage.

In our opinion, by analyzing the appropriate orders and using our many years of experience, the best but also the most popular solution dedicated to single-family houses, taking into account price-quality ratio,   is to use a set including PVC windows made of polyvinyl chloride (eg IDEAL 7000) and terrace lift and slide doors (eg MB-77 HS). The color options available on the market today make it possible to almost perfectly eliminate the differences in color between PVC and aluminum materials.

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