External blinds (roller blinds) is a practical system that protects us in three ways: it perfectly insulates thermally, protects privacy and peace, and also provides an effective anti-burglary barrier.

Roller shutters are made of selected materials that guarantee their highest quality. Roller shutters, both in the concealed, adaptive and top-mounted systems, are designed to improve the energy balance of the building. In winter, they significantly reduce heating costs, while in summer, when the sun is shining and the outside temperature is high, they provide a pleasant coolness and twilight that gives rest to tired eyes.

Additionally, thanks to a well-thought-out structure and appropriately selected raw materials, the blinds provide effective protection against uninvited guests. They make the home a place where we feel at ease, safe, and which we gladly return to after the hardships of the day, knowing that we can always find peace and shelter in it.

Adaptive blinds


DOOR Filipek adaptive external roller shuttersRoller shutters in SK adaptation systems are intended mainly for use in existing buildings. The advantage of these products is undoubtedly that they do not interfere with the current condition of the building, as they do not require special preparation for installation and are not integrated with the window. Thanks to this, the decision to install roller shutters in the adaptive system can be made at any time. These solutions can be mounted to the window joinery (in a recess) or directly on the wall.









Flush-mounted blinds

DOOR Filipek external flush-mounted roller shuttersFlush-mounted systems are intended primarily for use in newly erected buildings. However, after making the necessary changes to the lintel, these products can also be installed in existing buildings. An important issue is to plan the use of this type of solutions and the method of their installation at the stage of building design, which allows for more effective use of the functional values ​​of this type of systems. Flush-mounted roller shutters provide excellent thermal insulation, because they do not interfere with the structure of the window, door and lintel, thus not affecting the energy balance of the building. What's more, these products fit perfectly into the facade, being an integral part of it.

The front of the roller shutter box is also a base for any finishing material (e.g. plaster or clinker), thanks to which the box becomes an imperceptible element of the building facade. The SP and SP-E systems have been designed to ensure, above all, protection against heat loss. This was especially appreciated by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt (PHI), which issued a recommendation to use both solutions for boxes with a size of 165 mm and smaller in passive buildings. The necessary condition is, first of all, correct installation in the previously insulated lintel, in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. In addition, the window joinery should meet the appropriate parameters, including The window's heat transfer coefficient Uw is lower than 0,80 W / (m²K), while the Ug coefficient of the glass does not exceed 0,70 W / (m²K).

An additional advantage of flush-mounted roller shutters is the possibility of using an independently operating mosquito net, which also allows protection against insects.

Top mounted shutters

top mounted DOOR Filipek shutters

The SKT Opoterm top mounted roller shutter system, at the customer's request, can be equipped with a mosquito net built in the roller shutter box (MKT). The integrated system ensures independent operation of the roller shutter and anti-insect net. Additionally, the Opoterm Nova variant is available, where the MKT integrated mosquito net system was placed under the shutter armor, which allowed it to be brought closer to the window frame. The assembly of this solution is very simple. The armor sliders are adapters for installing the mosquito net with a snap. Importantly, a properly wound mosquito net can be inserted into the box at any time - during production or on a box already mounted on the frame. Changing the position of the MKT does not change the winding parameters of the system.

In the SKT OPOTERM system, it is possible to use profiles with polyurethane foam and PVC.

PA profiles

The roller shutter curtain is most often made of profiles made of high-quality aluminum sheet filled with polyurethane foam, with special two-layer varnish coatings in the PU / PA system. This makes them more resistant to abrasion and weather conditions. The offer also includes profiles made of extruded aluminum and plastic profiles characterized by greater stiffness and stability. Adaptive roller shutter systems can be integrated with a mosquito net. Such a comprehensive solution guarantees effective protection against insects in the summer, while at the same time protecting the interior of the rooms against heat loss in winter.

The recommended PA 39 profile is one of the most popular aluminum profiles. Its success can be proved by the fact that the roller shutters made of it have been protecting houses all over Europe for years. The use of this profile is favored by its small width and slender shape. It coils perfectly and fits successfully even in small boxes. Thanks to the foam filling the profile, it is characterized by good thermal and sound insulation. Low weight allows the use of manual, spring or electric control. PA 39 is offered with or without perforation, in a wide range of colors similar to the RAL palette. The profiles are characterized by a very good color fastness and high abrasion resistance. The profile is resistant to weather conditions.

Aluminum profiles are ecologically clean products. The foam filling them is freon-free, and the paints used for production do not contain cadmium.


The offer includes a full range of accessories that are necessary for the production of roller shutters and garage doors. Flexible solutions and ease of use are the watchwords that became the motto when developing the offer of drives for roller shutters and gates. That is why we give you the opportunity to choose the appropriate method of controlling sunshades and garage doors. Depending on the users' needs, the roller shutters can be controlled: manually, through an electric drive using a wall-mounted transmitter or a remote control, and also thanks to the use of intelligent control via a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Types of controls:

Manual control (manual drive) has so far been the most popular, and at the same time seemingly economical solution, which, however, requires a much greater effort to operate the roller shutters. This is especially true when we have a large number of roller shutters or they are large.

Our offer of manual drives includes:

  • rope or belt retractors,
  • cassettes with crank gear for a cable or belt, respectively,
  • cranks,
  • springs.

Manual retractors are most often used to operate typical roller shutters of relatively small sizes.

Electric control (electric drive) is a much more convenient and increasingly affordable solution. The shutter armor is raised and lowered by an electric actuator. Electric actuators ensure maximum comfort of roller shutter operation. Thanks to the control option, we have a choice of:

  • central control- from one place for all roller shutters
  • individual control- from one place for one roller shutter.

Thanks to the latest technology, you can use the control clock that will automatically raise and lower the shutter armor at a set time.

In addition, having a choice of radio or wire control, we give you full flexibility of solutions:

  • radio control (wireless)- it does not require additional wiring, so our walls are intact and we can use this control anywhere in the house. The commands to lower, raise or stop the roller shutter are sent to the actuator by means of a remote control or a wall transmitter. This type of control allows us to unlimited configuration options.
  • wired control- the possibility of operating the roller shutter with a key switch, key switch or rotary switch (the switches can be supported or not supported). Thanks to the use of control systems, it is possible to configure many individual solutions.

Electric actuators included in the automatic control ensure maximum convenience of roller shutter operation.

  • intelligent control- via the switchboard Zenpro SmartControlcontrolling the roller shutter or gate is extremely simple and comfortable. This controller allows you to manage roller shutters using mobile products such as a tablet or smartphone from anywhere. Zenpro SmartControl allows you to group mobile devices such as roller shutters, gates, facade blinds or awnings, and allows you to create time events and scenes. The free application with a comfortable and modern interface is extremely user-friendly.

Thanks to the use of our powder paint shop, we are able to meet customer expectations for each selected color. The box, the side guides of the roller shutter and the bottom strip of the rolled part can be painted in any color from the RAL palette to perfectly match the color of the roller shutter to the existing or planned windows and doors for your home.

All these products are available at ul. Adolf Mitery 5 in Bochnia. During the opening hours, it is possible to see and test the operation of our products showroom !!



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