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The MB-78EI system is designed for the construction of both internal and external fire barriers with single and double leaf doors of fire resistance class EI15, EI30, EI45, EI60. Studies and calculations show that products from this system have very good thermal insulation U up to 1.6W/m2K, and acoustic insulation up to 40dB. This system is very popular and used to a large extent in the construction market. The profiles of this system are characterized by low value of heat transfer coefficient, because they are equipped with thermal breaks with width of 34mm. The structures are resistant to high temperatures thanks to special fire protection gypsum boards (GKF) or CI fire insulation elements, which are in the internal chambers of the profiles. The fillings of the structure can be all typical fireproof panes, or layered opaque elements composed of sheet metal and appropriate panels, which provide fire protection. This system can also be used to achieve smoke-proof structures with a special automatic door bottom seal. In the MB-78 EI system, there are available angular joints of walls, it is possible to bend profiles, and decorative bars glued on glass panes can be used, which has an impact on the aesthetics of the building.

Fixed partitions in this system can be made up to the height of 4m, while doors can have maximum dimensions of 1400x2500mm. Such doors can be installed individually as well as in MB-SR50N EI fire-proof facades.

Technical data MB-78 EI
Frame depth 78mm
Sash/leaf depth 78mm
Glazing depth 6-49mm
Max. door leaf dimensions 1400mmx3000mm (W x H)