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MB-77 HS

MB-77 HS is a system of lift-and-slide balcony doors with a thermal break, used for making exterior architectural elements which are characterized by high thermal and acoustic insulation as well as water and air tightness.
The system meets all energy saving and environmental requirements. The parameters of doors made of MB-77HS system elements exceed the requirements of the strictest, binding regulations and standards. This system has two structural variants, i.e. ST and HI, which differ in thermal insulation. Excellent construction of the profiles allows to make exclusive doors of large dimensions which can be filled with single or double glazing. Thanks to such properties, MB-77 HS is suitable for single-family buildings as well as for apartments and hotels.
The profiles make it possible to build low threshold doors, and leaves can weigh up to 400 kg, while the height and width is only limited to 3200×3300 mm.
A new solution is making corner doors at the angle of 90 degrees and 270 degrees with a movable mullion, which gives us a great exit to the terrace. The MB-77HS system is adapted in terms of its installation to manually as well as automatically locked fittings.
The newest solution is the possibility to mount a HS-Master automatic unit for lift-and-slide MB-77 HS doors. This automatic unit is controlled by a button or a remote control.


Technical data MB-77 HS                         MB-77 HS HI
Frame depth 174mm (double-rail profile) /271mm (triple-rail profile)
Sash/leaf depth 77mm
Glazing depth 13.5-58.5mm