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MB-70 – modern aluminum system, which is used for making demanding structures with thermal and acoustic insulation. The profiles have a three-chamber structure. We create windows, doors, vestibules, entrance lobbies, spatial structures out of them.

When a window is closed, the sash and frame create a single plane effect from the outside. The shape of the profiles makes it possible to obtain a slender and durable structure.

In this system we are able to obtain a low value of heat transfer coefficient. Depending on which profiles and accessories are used, U-values range from 1.5 to 2.39 W/m2K. The thermal breaks used in this system are omega-shaped with a width of 34 mm. They are made of glass-fiber reinforced polyamide. These breaks strengthen the profile and facilitate drainage of structural sections, which ensures proper thermal insulation of a window in all weather conditions. The MB-70 system is the basis for better solutions MB-70HI, MB-70US HI, for such windows U can range from 1.0 to 2.3 W/m2K. Improvement of thermal insulation is achieved by adding insulating inserts in the central chamber of the profiles. MB-70HI windows can be installed individually as well as in aluminum facades.

MB-70US (Hidden Sash/Leaf) system windows have invisible sashes/leaves from the outside of the joinery.


Technical dataMB-70,               MB-70HIMB-70US,                  MB-70US HI
Frame depth70mm70mm
Sash/leaf depth79mm79mm
Glazing depth (non-/openable windows)15-51mm/23-62mm9-45mm/18-54mm
Visible frame from outside47mm75mm
Visible sash/leaf from outside32mm
Max. tilt-and-turn window dimensions1600mmx2400mm (W x H)1400mmx2100mm (W x H)