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The MB-45 OFFICE system is used for making fixed partition walls and equipped with doors most often swing or all-glass. A characteristic feature is that the load-bearing element of a structure is tempered glass. This system is dedicated to constructing light and solid walls in conference and office rooms with clearly marked doors. This system is based on MB-45 system profiles, which allows to connect these two systems. The MB-45 OFFICE system can be used with hinges, locks and automatic closers from Aluprof, Geze, CDA and WSS. In this system structures glass with a thickness of 2 to 25mm are mounted, i.e. they can be single or double glazed units, but most often for this system tempered glasses with a thickness of 8, 10 or 12mm is chosen, which gives the greatest safety and they are mounted using glazing beads and gaskets.