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MB-86 Fold Line is a novelty on the market which gives great freedom to the users. The system has three-chamber, strong aluminum structural sections, which allow to create large structures eliminating the barrier between the interior of the building and its surroundings. The leaf of such doors can weigh up to 100 kg, thanks to special fittings dedicated to this system. That' why they are suitable as an exit from a house to the terrace or as a passage from a restaurant to the outdoor area. The MB-86 Fold Line system has a high thermal insulation capacity and a wide range of glazing applications, both single- and double-chamber. Such doors may be opened both to the inside and to the outside and may have any arrangement of leaves.Automatic and manual sliding doors can be made with thermal insulation in the MB-59S Casement system or without thermal break in the MB-45 system. Sliding door leaves can be fixed to walls, mullion and transom facades or to shopfront structures made of system profiles: MB-45, MB-59S, MB-60 and MB-70, and also MB-86. These systems are equipped with wide batten plates and frames that allow to mount most of the automatic devices available on the market, i.e. Geze, Dorma, Besam. Such doors are a safe and convenient solution for users. They can be found both in small buildings, as well as in large office buildings, shops and shopping malls. The advantage of this solution is that the leaves can be up to 3000mm wide and their weight can be up to 200kg.  
Technical data MB-DPA
Frame depth 50-70mm
Sash/leaf depth 45mm; 50mm
Glazing depth 4.5-31.5mm
Max. door leaf dimensions Width 1500mm
 The MB-Slide and MB-Slide ST systems are designed for the production of windows and sliding doors with thermal insulation, which can be easily integrated into masonry walls as well as into aluminum facades and winter gardens.  These systems are available in various installation variants from 2 to 6 modules, in which glazing up to 26 mm can be used./ The high tightness of the construction is achieved by the use of stop and glazing gaskets. A structure can be equipped with two or three track rail frames. The MB-Slide and MB-Slide ST systems are compatible with other ALUPROF systems, which allows to use many common sections, accessories and technological processes.
Technical data MB-SLIDE                      MB-SLIDE ST
Frame depth (door/window) 50/97mm
Leaf/sash depth (door/window) 37mm
Glazing depth 22-26mm
Max. door dimensions 1800mmx2600mm (W x H)
 MB-59 HS is an ideal solution as an installation connecting rooms or winter gardens with the external environment. It is an ideal application like a terrace door. They don't take up any space in the room when open. This system is available with a low threshold, which is very convenient especially for the elderly and the disabled. The maximum dimensions of a structure are 3300mm in width and 2800mm in height, the leaf can weigh up to 300kg. The profiles are water and airtight because, thanks to the special seal and fittings, the leaf falls onto the frame during the final closing stage of the door leaf. Such large glazings have recently been very popular in modern construction. Structures can be equipped with single- or double-chamber glazing, as well as acoustic or burglar-proof glazing. The MB-59 HS system has two options: ST and HI, they differ in thermal insulation. The frame profiles are available as double- and triple-rail.  
Technical data MB-59 HS                         MB-59 HS HI
Frame depth 120mm (double-rail profile) /199mm (triple-rail profile)
Sash/leaf depth 59mm
Glazing depth Up to 42mm
   MB-77 HS is a system of lift-and-slide balcony doors with a thermal break, used for making exterior architectural elements which are characterized by high thermal and acoustic insulation as well as water and air tightness. The system meets all energy saving and environmental requirements. The parameters of doors made of MB-77HS system elements exceed the requirements of the strictest, binding regulations and standards. This system has two structural variants, i.e. ST and HI, which differ in thermal insulation. Excellent construction of the profiles allows to make exclusive doors of large dimensions which can be filled with single or double glazing. Thanks to such properties, MB-77 HS is suitable for single-family buildings as well as for apartments and hotels. The profiles make it possible to build low threshold doors, and leaves can weigh up to 400 kg, while the height and width is only limited to 3200x3300 mm. A new solution is making corner doors at the angle of 90 degrees and 270 degrees with a movable mullion, which gives us a great exit to the terrace. The MB-77HS system is adapted in terms of its installation to manually as well as automatically locked fittings. The newest solution is the possibility to mount a HS-Master automatic unit for lift-and-slide MB-77 HS doors. This automatic unit is controlled by a button or a remote control.  
Technical data MB-77 HS                         MB-77 HS HI
Frame depth 174mm (double-rail profile) /271mm (triple-rail profile)
Sash/leaf depth 77mm
Glazing depth 13.5-58.5mm