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In order to achieve the appropriate fire resistance class of doors, windows and partitions, it is important that the structure is well installed. That is why we respond to our customers, and the exact method of installation and all steps to be taken in order to properly install the joinery can be found in the installation manual. We have also prepared maintenance instructions for our customers to keep windows and doors running as long and as smoothly as possible.MB-SR50N EI is a facade system for making lightweight curtain walls and filling fireproof walls with fire resistance EI15, EI30, EI45 or EI60. For the construction of structures, the basic profiles from the MB-SR50N facade system are used - mullions with a depth of 85-225 mm and transoms with a depth of 69-189.5 mm. In order to achieve fire resistance, the mullions and transoms are equipped with special fire protection inserts. Such an insert consists of an aluminum structural section which acts as a reinforcement, covered with fire protection panels. The panes are embedded in the notches of the shaped profiles of the mullions and transoms as well as in the clamping strip. On the side surfaces of the insulator we use a fireproof tape, which swells and fills the space between the facade fillings under the influence of high temperatures. Fire protection structures of the MB-SR50N EI system can be combined at an angle of up to +/-7.5 degrees per side, and roof glazing based on it can have an angle of up to 0-80 degrees. It is also possible to mount a MB-78EI system door in MB-SR50N EI system mullion and transom facades, while maintaining the fire resistance of the entire structure.The MB-78EI DPA system is dedicated for the construction of fire partitions with automatic sliding single or double leaf doors in the resistance class EI15 or EI30. Most of the components come from the MB-78EI system, on which the system is based. The aluminum profiles are three-chamber deep, 78mm with a thermal break which is 34mm wide. The internal chambers of the profiles, as well as the spaces between the profiles are filled with fire insulation elements, and on the external surfaces insulating elements and intumescent tapes are installed. These designs use drives from renowned manufacturers that are designed to withstand high loads. A door drive can be mounted to a system wall as well as to a masonry wall. The maximum dimensions of a structure in the MB-78EI DPA system in the light of the passage are: single-leaf doors 1100mm x 2450mm, and double-leaf doors 2125mm x 2450mm.The MB-118EI system is dedicated to fire protection walls with fire resistance EI90 or EI120. This system is technically connected with the MB-78EI system, which gives many common components such as glazing beads, cooling inserts, intumescent tapes, seals and many others. The system has five-chamber aluminum profiles with thermal insulation of 118 mm thickness. Fire insulation elements are placed in the internal chambers of the profiles. Intumescent tapes are installed on the external surfaces. Thanks to its symmetrical construction, the structures retain their fire resistance both from the outside and from the inside. An important advantage of fire partitions is the possibility of installing the MB-78EI system door in them, which must have the EI60 fire resistance class.
Technical data MB-118 EI
Frame depth 118mm
Glazing depth 31-84mm
Max. dimensions 1500mmx3000mm (W x H)
 The MB-78EI system is designed for the construction of both internal and external fire barriers with single and double leaf doors of fire resistance class EI15, EI30, EI45, EI60. Studies and calculations show that products from this system have very good thermal insulation U up to 1.6W/m2K, and acoustic insulation up to 40dB. This system is very popular and used to a large extent in the construction market. The profiles of this system are characterized by low value of heat transfer coefficient, because they are equipped with thermal breaks with width of 34mm. The structures are resistant to high temperatures thanks to special fire protection gypsum boards (GKF) or CI fire insulation elements, which are in the internal chambers of the profiles. The fillings of the structure can be all typical fireproof panes, or layered opaque elements composed of sheet metal and appropriate panels, which provide fire protection. This system can also be used to achieve smoke-proof structures with a special automatic door bottom seal. In the MB-78 EI system, there are available angular joints of walls, it is possible to bend profiles, and decorative bars glued on glass panes can be used, which has an impact on the aesthetics of the building. Fixed partitions in this system can be made up to the height of 4m, while doors can have maximum dimensions of 1400x2500mm. Such doors can be installed individually as well as in MB-SR50N EI fire-proof facades.
Technical data MB-78 EI
Frame depth 78mm
Sash/leaf depth 78mm
Glazing depth 6-49mm
Max. door leaf dimensions 1400mmx3000mm (W x H)
 Safety is a very important aspect of our lives. Fire is particularly dangerous for buildings. Without the right precautions, fire spreads incredibly rapidly, destroying everything on its way and endangering human lives. That is why we have tested many solutions in terms of quality and safety. The MB-60E EI system is used for the construction of single or double internal doors as well as internal fire partition walls. These structures have fire resistance classes EI15 or EI30.  This type of solution is based on aluminum profiles with a thermal break of the MB-60E system. The EI fire resistance of the MB-60E system profiles is ensured by the fire insulation elements which are installed in the profile chambers. The structures are also equipped with intumescent tapes, which are impossible to pass through for fire. Maximum door dimensions are 1400mm wide and 2475mm high. The width of a double door is 2580 mm.
Technical data MB-60E EI
Frame depth 60mm
Sash/leaf depth 60mm
Glazing depth 5-41mm
Max. door leaf dimensions 1400mmx2475mm (W x H)