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The MB-Ferroline system with thermal partition is ideally suited for renovation of historic buildings, while maintaining the appropriate appearance of windows that imitate secondary steel and at the same time provide very good technical parameters of the structure. In this system, it is possible to produce inward opening windows, i.e. tilt-and-turn, turn, turn windows, as well as outward opening windows, turn or tilt, and fixed windows. Important features of windows are good acoustic insulation, water and air tightness and high strength of profiles. The MB-Ferroline system has several types of external appearance of structural sections, the available renovation frames allow for the assembly of new joinery without disassembling the old frames, which reduces the risk of damaging the wall around the windows. The visible width of the profiles can be adjusted in such a way that it does not cause major differences in the external appearance between old and new windows.
Technical data MB-Ferroline
Frame depth 77-110mm
Sash/leaf depth 86-93.5mm
Glazing thickness: window frame / sash 13.5-61.5mm
 The MB-Slimline window system with thermal barrier, with high thermal insulation. It is used to make windows opening from the inside or fixed. These structures are characterized by good acoustic insulation, water and air tightness and high strength of the profiles. Due to the fact that the aluminum profiles are narrow, it is possible to build window sashes in two variants – with visible or invisible profiles on the outside of the building. The MB-Slimline system can perfectly replace old type windows made of steel profiles, providing a similar appearance from the outside, at the same time increasing thermal insulation of the partition.
Technical data MB-Slimline
Frame depth 68.5-123.5mm/90.5-145.5mm
Sash/leaf depth 77.5mm/99.5mm
Glazing thickness (fixed/openable window) for 68.5 mm frame 8-50mm/17-59mm
Glazing thickness (fixed/openable window) for 90.5 mm frame 30-72mm/39-81mm
Max. window dimensions 1400mmx2400mm (W x H)/1600mmx2100mm (W x H)
 The MB-23P system is designed, above all, for making lightweight balcony glazings. Sliding windows are horizontal. Such windows protect the open balcony space from bad weather conditions, i.e. wind, rain, snow and even dirt and noise, and hinder burglary for the thief, which is particularly important for customers living on the ground floor. The depth of the structural sections is 53 mm for the frame, and 23 mm for the sash/leaf. MB-23P system structures have an effective system for draining water and ventilation from the pane chamber and from the chamber between the sash and the frame. A structure can be filled with glass with a maximum thickness of 8 mm, which is selected depending on the size of the sashes and the location of the installation.
Technical data MB-23P
Frame depth 53mm
Sash/leaf depth 23mm
Glazing thickness 4-8mm
Max. dimensions 1000mmx2000mm (W x H)
 The MB-60E system is used for making doors with a thermal barrier, but also window sets with doors. Structures made of this system achieve good functional properties and high technical parameters, as well as an economic level of production costs.  This system is closely connected with the MB-60 system, which allows the use of common accessories and glazing beads. The structural sections are 60 mm thick. The surface of the door leaves is flush with the frame from inside and outside. We use fittings, locks and hinges typical to European standards. There is also a choice of thresholds and crossbars for the lower door leaves. The MB-60E system is an economical product. Entrance lobbies can be made with increased thermal insulation on MB-60E HI profiles. In the central chambers of the profiles, inserts are placed, which reduce the heat flow through the structure due to the low value of the heat transfer coefficient.  
Technical data MB-60E/MB-60E HI
Frame depth 60mm
Sash/leaf depth 60mm
Door glazing thickness 5-41mm
Max. door dimensions 1300mmx2300mm (W x H)
 The MB-104 Passive system with thermal barrier and the highest thermal insulation meets all requirements of passive building industry. The MB-104 Passive system is used for external installation of e.g. windows, vestibules, entrance lobbies and spatial constructions. This system is characterized by high thermal and acoustic insulation, water and air tightness, and high structural strength. The MB-104 Passive system has two execution variants, i.e. SI and AERO, depending on the requirements for thermal energy savings. The system is intended for energy-efficient and passive construction. Advantages of the MB-104 Passive system
  • Windows with Passive House Institute Darmstadt certificates for versions MB-104 Passive SI and MB-104 Passive Aero
  • High thermal insulation for an openable window Uw from 0.53 W/m2K and doors UD from 0.62 W/m2K
  • Isolation parameters above standard
  • Wide glazing range up to 81 mm
Technical data MB-104 Passive
Frame depth 95mm
Sash/leaf depth 104mm
Glazing depth (non-/openable windows) 27-72mm/34.5-81mm
Max. tilt-and-turn window dimensions 1700mmx2900mm (W x H)
 The MB-86 window and door system is characterized by very good performance, giving the possibility of satisfying various needs of users. The design of its structural sections features 3 variants, depending on the requirements of thermal energy saving: ST, SI and AERO. The MB-86 is the world's first aluminum window system to use aerogel - a material with excellent thermal insulation. One of the advantages of the MB-86 system is also high strength of profiles, which makes it possible to make windows of large dimensions and weight. Features that affect the functionality and aesthetics of MB-86 windows made in the system:
  • Wide thermal breaks in a new shape
  • A wide range of structural sections ensures the required aesthetics and strength of the structure
  • Glazing beads with additional sealing
  • Profile shapes suitable for mounting various types of boundary fittings, including hidden hinges
  • A wide range of glazing allows to use all types of glass, including double-chamber, acoustic or anti-burglary ones
  • Drainage for the profiles available in two variants: traditional or hidden
Depending on the profiles used, MB-86 windows and accessories achieve very good thermal performance MB-86 ST from 1.39W/m2K, MB-86 SI from 0.92W/m2K, MB-86 AERO from 0.57W/m2K.  
Technical data MB-86 MB-86US
Frame depth 77mm 77mm
Sash/leaf depth 86mm 80.8mm
Glazing depth (non-/openable windows) 13.5-61.5mm/21-70.5mm 7-52mm/15-60mm
Max. tilt-and-turn window dimensions 1700mmx2800mm (W x H) 1600mmx2500mm (W x H)
 MB-70 - modern aluminum system, which is used for making demanding structures with thermal and acoustic insulation. The profiles have a three-chamber structure. We create windows, doors, vestibules, entrance lobbies, spatial structures out of them. When a window is closed, the sash and frame create a single plane effect from the outside. The shape of the profiles makes it possible to obtain a slender and durable structure. In this system we are able to obtain a low value of heat transfer coefficient. Depending on which profiles and accessories are used, U-values range from 1.5 to 2.39 W/m2K. The thermal breaks used in this system are omega-shaped with a width of 34 mm. They are made of glass-fiber reinforced polyamide. These breaks strengthen the profile and facilitate drainage of structural sections, which ensures proper thermal insulation of a window in all weather conditions. The MB-70 system is the basis for better solutions MB-70HI, MB-70US HI, for such windows U can range from 1.0 to 2.3 W/m2K. Improvement of thermal insulation is achieved by adding insulating inserts in the central chamber of the profiles. MB-70HI windows can be installed individually as well as in aluminum facades. MB-70US (Hidden Sash/Leaf) system windows have invisible sashes/leaves from the outside of the joinery.  
Technical data MB-70,               MB-70HI MB-70US,                  MB-70US HI
Frame depth 70mm 70mm
Sash/leaf depth 79mm 79mm
Glazing depth (non-/openable windows) 15-51mm/23-62mm 9-45mm/18-54mm
Visible frame from outside 47mm 75mm
Visible sash/leaf from outside 32mm
Max. tilt-and-turn window dimensions 1600mmx2400mm (W x H) 1400mmx2100mm (W x H)
 MB-60 aluminum system with thermal and acoustic insulation. From this system we make windows, entrance lobbies, doors, small spatial structures. This profile has a three-chamber composition. Windows have a single plane effect when closed. The shape of the profiles allows us to obtain slender and durable structures. It is possible to bend the frame, sashes/leaves and batten plates. Using thermal breaks and EPDM seals we are able to obtain a heat transfer coefficient of U=2.0 W/m2K. Thermal breaks increase the stiffness of the profiles. ALUPROF has developed systems with thermal breaks MB-60HI, MB-60US HI, MB-60E HI in view of the constantly growing demand in the construction industry. For these structures, the U-value is better, depending on the profiles and accessories used. MB-60HI system windows can be used for individual installation as well as for aluminum facades.
Technical data MB-60,               MB-60HI MB-60US,                  MB-60US HI
Frame depth 60mm 60mm
Sash/leaf depth 69mm 69mm
Glazing depth (non-/openable windows) 5-44mm/14-52mm 4-35mm/8-44mm
Visible frame from outside 47mm 75mm
Visible sash/leaf from outside 29mm 34.6mm
Max. tilt-and-turn window dimensions 1250mmx2400mm (W x H) 1100mmx1900mm (W x H)
 MB-45 is a modern aluminum system used for making interior architectural elements that do not require thermal insulation. E.g. partition walls, windows, entrance lobbies, cash desks, display cases. The profiles of the sash and frame give the effect of one plane from the outside after closing the woodwork. It is possible to bend MB-45 system profiles, which allows to make various types of arches and arched structures. The seals that are used are made of EPDM synthetic rubber, which guarantees tightness.
Technical data MB-45
Frame depth 45mm
Sash/leaf depth 54mm
Glazing depth 2-34mm
Visible frame from outside 27.5mm
Visible sash/leaf from outside 27.5mm
Max. tilt-and-turn window dimensions 1600mmx1850mm (W x H)