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The largest area of a window is occupied by the glass, which is an important element in obtaining the appropriate heat transfer coefficient in the window. Glass can be single which we use in interior joinery, and one- or two-chamber, which is intended for exterior joinery.

Our glass manufacturer, TERMOSZKŁO, ensures safety, thermal comfort, noise protection, sun protection, aesthetics and decoration.

Using safety glass reduces the risk of burglary, which allows the householders to live comfortably. Safety glass, i.e. 33.1, P2, P4, is bound with a special foil which protects against injury in the event of a crack.

Tempered glass ESG is more resistant, as soon as it is broken, it will split into tiny blunt pieces, which reduces the risk of injury.

Decorative, ornamental glass panes can have many different designs. But what’s important is that they let light into the room. They are often used in entrance doors or bathrooms.

It is worth investing in sound-absorbing glass if you live in a noisy city. Glazed units used in the building industry can achieve the sound insulation value of Rw>50dB. This effect is achieved by using at least one pane of glass with a high surface weight, a pane of glass with various elasticity, different thickness of glass, and interglass filling with heavy gas.

Sun protection glass is glass produced by sputtering a layer of metals or metal oxides, which produces a thin film for a uniform appearance and optical quality. We divide sun protection glass into three groups depending on the way they are produced and the impact on the reduction of radiation:

  • Absorbing, i.e. through colored. It absorbs about 50% of the solar radiation energy. It can be colored blue, brown, graphite or green.
  • Reflective, reflects visible light as well as solar heat. It is most often used to enhance the aesthetics of buildings – the effect of mirror image
  • Selective, most commonly used as clear glass, although it can be through colored green, blue, brown or gray.