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MB-SR50N EI is a facade system for making lightweight curtain walls and filling fireproof walls with fire resistance EI15, EI30, EI45 or EI60.
For the construction of structures, the basic profiles from the MB-SR50N facade system are used – mullions with a depth of 85-225 mm and transoms with a depth of 69-189.5 mm.
In order to achieve fire resistance, the mullions and transoms are equipped with special fire protection inserts. Such an insert consists of an aluminum structural section which acts as a reinforcement, covered with fire protection panels. The panes are embedded in the notches of the shaped profiles of the mullions and transoms as well as in the clamping strip. On the side surfaces of the insulator we use a fireproof tape, which swells and fills the space between the facade fillings under the influence of high temperatures. Fire protection structures of the MB-SR50N EI system can be combined at an angle of up to +/-7.5 degrees per side, and roof glazing based on it can have an angle of up to 0-80 degrees.
It is also possible to mount a MB-78EI system door in MB-SR50N EI system mullion and transom facades, while maintaining the fire resistance of the entire structure.