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The MB-Slimline window system with thermal barrier, with high thermal insulation. It is used to make windows opening from the inside or fixed. These structures are characterized by good acoustic insulation, water and air tightness and high strength of the profiles. Due to the fact that the aluminum profiles are narrow, it is possible to build window sashes in two variants – with visible or invisible profiles on the outside of the building. The MB-Slimline system can perfectly replace old type windows made of steel profiles, providing a similar appearance from the outside, at the same time increasing thermal insulation of the partition.

Technical data MB-Slimline
Frame depth 68.5-123.5mm/90.5-145.5mm
Sash/leaf depth 77.5mm/99.5mm
Glazing thickness (fixed/openable window) for 68.5 mm frame 8-50mm/17-59mm
Glazing thickness (fixed/openable window) for 90.5 mm frame 30-72mm/39-81mm
Max. window dimensions 1400mmx2400mm (W x H)/1600mmx2100mm (W x H)