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The MB-Ferroline system with thermal partition is ideally suited for renovation of historic buildings, while maintaining the appropriate appearance of windows that imitate secondary steel and at the same time provide very good technical parameters of the structure. In this system, it is possible to produce inward opening windows, i.e. tilt-and-turn, turn, turn windows, as well as outward opening windows, turn or tilt, and fixed windows. Important features of windows are good acoustic insulation, water and air tightness and high strength of profiles. The MB-Ferroline system has several types of external appearance of structural sections, the available renovation frames allow for the assembly of new joinery without disassembling the old frames, which reduces the risk of damaging the wall around the windows.

The visible width of the profiles can be adjusted in such a way that it does not cause major differences in the external appearance between old and new windows.

Technical dataMB-Ferroline
Frame depth77-110mm
Sash/leaf depth86-93.5mm
Glazing thickness: window frame / sash13.5-61.5mm