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The MB-78EI DPA system is dedicated for the construction of fire partitions with automatic sliding single or double leaf doors in the resistance class EI15 or EI30. Most of the components come from the MB-78EI system, on which the system is based. The aluminum profiles are three-chamber deep, 78mm with a thermal break which is 34mm wide. The internal chambers of the profiles, as well as the spaces between the profiles are filled with fire insulation elements, and on the external surfaces insulating elements and intumescent tapes are installed. These designs use drives from renowned manufacturers that are designed to withstand high loads. A door drive can be mounted to a system wall as well as to a masonry wall. The maximum dimensions of a structure in the MB-78EI DPA system in the light of the passage are: single-leaf doors 1100mm x 2450mm, and double-leaf doors 2125mm x 2450mm.