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Safety is a very important aspect of our lives. Fire is particularly dangerous for buildings. Without the right precautions, fire spreads incredibly rapidly, destroying everything on its way and endangering human lives. That is why we have tested many solutions in terms of quality and safety.

The MB-60E EI system is used for the construction of single or double internal doors as well as internal fire partition walls. These structures have fire resistance classes EI15 or EI30.  This type of solution is based on aluminum profiles with a thermal break of the MB-60E system. The EI fire resistance of the MB-60E system profiles is ensured by the fire insulation elements which are installed in the profile chambers. The structures are also equipped with intumescent tapes, which are impossible to pass through for fire. Maximum door dimensions are 1400mm wide and 2475mm high. The width of a double door is 2580 mm.

Technical data MB-60E EI
Frame depth 60mm
Sash/leaf depth 60mm
Glazing depth 5-41mm
Max. door leaf dimensions 1400mmx2475mm (W x H)