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The MB-23P system is designed, above all, for making lightweight balcony glazings. Sliding windows are horizontal. Such windows protect the open balcony space from bad weather conditions, i.e. wind, rain, snow and even dirt and noise, and hinder burglary for the thief, which is particularly important for customers living on the ground floor. The depth of the structural sections is 53 mm for the frame, and 23 mm for the sash/leaf. MB-23P system structures have an effective system for draining water and ventilation from the pane chamber and from the chamber between the sash and the frame. A structure can be filled with glass with a maximum thickness of 8 mm, which is selected depending on the size of the sashes and the location of the installation.

Technical data MB-23P
Frame depth 53mm
Sash/leaf depth 23mm
Glazing thickness 4-8mm
Max. dimensions 1000mmx2000mm (W x H)