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The MB-118EI system is dedicated to fire protection walls with fire resistance EI90 or EI120. This system is technically connected with the MB-78EI system, which gives many common components such as glazing beads, cooling inserts, intumescent tapes, seals and many others. The system has five-chamber aluminum profiles with thermal insulation of 118 mm thickness. Fire insulation elements are placed in the internal chambers of the profiles. Intumescent tapes are installed on the external surfaces. Thanks to its symmetrical construction, the structures retain their fire resistance both from the outside and from the inside. An important advantage of fire partitions is the possibility of installing the MB-78EI system door in them, which must have the EI60 fire resistance class.

Technical dataMB-118 EI
Frame depth118mm
Glazing depth31-84mm
Max. dimensions1500mmx3000mm (W x H)