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We live in a time when the aesthetics and appearance of a building play an extremely important role. At the moment, you cannot afford to make the outside of a house, office or hotel unattractive. The use of facades is today the most popular and seems to be the only rational way to achieve an attractive appearance of a building. The facade system is an offer that meets the latest requirements of energy-efficient construction. Since we want our customers to be able to present their buildings with pride, we use only the proven systems of ALUPROF, i.e. MB-SR50N and MB-SR50N EFFEKT.

MB-SR50N is a system of mullion and transom structures designed for making curtain walls, spatial structures and roof glazing, the most important task of which is to illuminate the interior of the building, and create a climate for the users. The advanced technical solutions allow for the construction of straight or arched walls, for the transition of any external or internal angles and for the adaptation to winter gardens. The system allows to apply solutions for the lintel and underwindow section as well as for the curtain wall in full configuration.

The MB-SR50N system features two versions with increased thermal insulation power MB-SR50N HI and MB-SR50N HI, as well as a variety that allows for the construction of facades with different appearance of the so-called semi-structural facade, MB-SR50N EFEKT.

MB-SR50N                                                                           MB-SR50N EFFEKT

The shape of the profiles in the MB-SR50N system is with the so-called sharp edge, which affects the aesthetics of the structure. The shape of the profiles makes it possible to select the mullions and transoms in such a way as to create the effect of flush surface from the inside of the facade, which facilitates aesthetic appearance with internal walls and suspended ceilings. The mullions are available in different sizes from 65mm to 325mm, and the transoms from 5mm to 189.5mm. This system gives great freedom in the design of fixing points, and a wide range of glazing thanks to which triple glazing units can be used. Different types of doors and windows can be built into this system, including tilt-in sash windows and roof windows.

The MB-SR50N EFEKT system is based on the MB-SR50N aluminum system. The special system of fixing glass panes to columns and transoms in MB-SR50N EFEKT facades gives the effect of a smooth glass wall divided by a structure of two centimeters wide vertical and horizontal lines from the outside. These gaps are filled with a special silicone adhesive, which ensures tightness of the structure and good insulating properties.

An important advantage of this facade is its high glazing capacity: one- and two-chamber panes as well as non-transparent panels can be used. What is important, it is also possible to use units with laminated glass in facades.