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In order to answer the questions from our customers, we tested our structures in terms of anti-burglary classes and in March 2017 we obtained a CERTIFICATE, according to which we produce anti-burglary joinery that meets the PN-EN 1627:2012 standard. Structures are made in the MB-86 ALUPROF system with 3 classes of burglary resistance RC1, RC2 and RC3.

Windows produced on MB-86 profiles have special ROTO anti-burglary fittings, a handle with a key and an anti-burglary glass of P2, P4 or P5 class, depending on the burglary resistance class.

We are able to produce single or double doors or sets of glazing with doors. Doors of RC1 class are equipped with 2 locks with C class insert, anti-burglary pins on each hinge, and a P2 anti-burglary insulating glass unit.

Doors of RC2 class are equipped with an automatic multi-point lath lock, anti-burglary pins at hinges and glass of increased anti-burglary class P4.

Doors of RC3 class are equipped with a multi-point lath lock, anti-burglary pins on each hinge and a P5 anti-burglary glass pane.