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MB-59 HS is an ideal solution as an installation connecting rooms or winter gardens with the external environment. It is an ideal application like a terrace door.
They don’t take up any space in the room when open. This system is available with a low threshold, which is very convenient especially for the elderly and the disabled. The maximum dimensions of a structure are 3300mm in width and 2800mm in height, the leaf can weigh up to 300kg. The profiles are water and airtight because, thanks to the special seal and fittings, the leaf falls onto the frame during the final closing stage of the door leaf.
Such large glazings have recently been very popular in modern construction. Structures can be equipped with single- or double-chamber glazing, as well as acoustic or burglar-proof glazing. The MB-59 HS system has two options: ST and HI, they differ in thermal insulation. The frame profiles are available as double- and triple-rail.


Technical data MB-59 HS                         MB-59 HS HI
Frame depth 120mm (double-rail profile) /199mm (triple-rail profile)
Sash/leaf depth 59mm
Glazing depth Up to 42mm