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Aluprof MB-86

The MB-86 window and door system is characterized by very good performance, giving the possibility of satisfying various needs of users. The design of its structural sections features 3 variants, depending on the requirements of thermal energy saving: ST, SI and AERO. The MB-86 is the world’s first aluminum window system to use aerogel – a material with excellent thermal insulation. One of the advantages of the MB-86 system is also high strength of profiles, which makes it possible to make windows of large dimensions and weight.

Features that affect the functionality and aesthetics of MB-86 windows made in the system:

  • Wide thermal breaks in a new shape
  • A wide range of structural sections ensures the required aesthetics and strength of the structure
  • Glazing beads with additional sealing
  • Profile shapes suitable for mounting various types of boundary fittings, including hidden hinges
  • A wide range of glazing allows to use all types of glass, including double-chamber, acoustic or anti-burglary ones
  • Drainage for the profiles available in two variants: traditional or hidden

Depending on the profiles used, MB-86 windows and accessories achieve very good thermal performance MB-86 ST from 1.39W/m2K, MB-86 SI from 0.92W/m2K, MB-86 AERO from 0.57W/m2K.


Technical dataMB-86MB-86US
Frame depth77mm77mm
Sash/leaf depth86mm80.8mm
Glazing depth (non-/openable windows)13.5-61.5mm/21-70.5mm7-52mm/15-60mm
Max. tilt-and-turn window dimensions1700mmx2800mm (W x H)1600mmx2500mm (W x H)