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The MB-59S system with good thermal and acoustic insulation, used for the production of doors, vestibules, entrance lobbies, etc. The depth of structural sections is 50 mm for frames as well as for sashes/leaves.  Almost all window profiles are of three-chamber construction. The central chamber is an insulating chamber between the thermal breaks, which allowed to obtain slender, economical and rigid profiles. The outer surfaces of structural sections are flush with each other.

An important advantage of the MB-59S system profiles is a large selection of hardware and methods of fitting them. Special grooves allow to mount various types of hinges, e.g. groove hinges or traditional surface hinges. It is also important that the profiles can be bent and assembled in various types of arch structures.

Technical data MB-59S/MB-59S HI
Frame depth 50mm
Sash/leaf depth 50mm
Door glazing thickness 4.5-31.5mm
Max. door dimensions 1100mmx2300mm (W x H)