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The MB-45 aluminum system, which is without thermal insulation and is used to create internal structures such as doors, partition walls, manual and automatic sliding doors, swing doors, entrance lobbies, cashier stations, showcases and spatial structures. The depth of a structure of both frame and sash/leaf structural sections is 45 mm, which gives the effect of flush door leaf and frame surface. An important feature of the MB-45 profiles is that they can be bent, which allows for obtaining various types of arches and arched structures. The tightness of a structure is ensured by the use of EPDM rubber seals.

Technical data MB-45
Frame depth 45mm
Sash/leaf depth 45mm
Door glazing thickness 1.5-32mm
Max. door leaf dimensions 1250mmx2400mm (W x H)/1400mmx2200mm (W x H)