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P.P.U.H. DOOR made its debut on the market in 1998 as a small but very ambitious service undertaking. Since then, thanks to the excellent work organization, proper development plan and reliability of our employees, we have become a leading manufacturer of construction joinery and woodwork in Bochnia and its surroundings. Many years of experience allow us to provide services at the highest level.


In the manufacturing process we use advanced equipment of ALUMA Sp. z o.o. and additionally system machines. This combination allows us to perform even the most precise tasks with high accuracy and speed.We are highly flexible and able to adapt to individual requirements of each of our customers

We use a variety of aluminum systems in our products, thanks to which we can easily adapt to both aesthetic expectations and restrictive construction requirements. The team of our employees is characterized by high intelligence and unconventional approach.This provides us with the opportunity to introduce modern technologies and innovative solutions in every aspect. We supply high quality products at a very competitive price.