Summer 2021 is fast approaching. For many people, restrictions related to the epidemiological situation thwarted their plans for a joint family trip.

However, you can easily spend this special time with family or friends without limiting contact with nature. Thanks to the products offered by our team, you can fully relax in the fresh air and enjoy the sun's rays in the company of your loved ones, regardless of weather conditions, because it is also a solution for rainy and gloomy days.

Winter gardens or terrace roofing systems in appropriate colors and manufactured to the individual needs of our client, they give a modern and original look.

The combination of the roof structure with the side walls, thanks to the use of appropriate aluminum profiles of two different systems considered by us as the best and most advantageous, with a reliable drainage system, makes the structure an additional room for your home. It is recommended to use a suitable tinted or sunscreen to prevent the room from overheating on sunny days.

In the case of the construction of the roof itself, it is possible at a later time to develop the space using, depending on the customer's preferences, profiles, the so-called "Cold", that is without a thermal break, and similarly "warm" profiles, when the customer wants to maintain a constant room temperature regardless of the conditions outside.

We offer a flexible and individual approach to the customer, so it is not a problem for us to make a structure on a special, original request, to a predetermined size and any color, which makes the structure ideally suited to the environment. The roof and side walls can be made of appropriate aluminum sections and light breakers, over which it is possible to install various types of glazing with the use of gutter drainage systems, which guarantees high quality of workmanship and meets the highest expectations.

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