Cold and frosts have been bothering us for some time. Each of us would like to catch a little warmth and sun right now. Clear, blue sky, sun rays and vivid and green colors are something we miss on these frosty days. Research shows that humans naturally have higher levels of serotonin in the brain on sunny days. Interestingly - it does not matter then whether it is cold or hot. Higher levels of serotonin mean a better mood, a sense of satisfaction and peace.

That's why we present the hot ones below !! photos from last year's implementation. What to do to get as much of it as possible? Such a decision should be considered at the design stage. The use of such glazing will certainly ensure optimal light flow. Combination of Aluminum Sliding Doors MB-77HS and an aluminum window system MB-86 in the given variant of the all-glass wall it gives a stunning effect! The right combination of colors, both metalwork and glass with specific properties of energy and light transmittance, gives a consistent result expected by the customer.

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