At the stage of renovation or construction, you should ask yourself what color will work best in your home. Modern technology offers unimaginable possibilities. From standard white to colors imitating the structure of wood or colors with a rough surface ("orange peel"), speckled with a pearl-like character, deep matt or glossy, and intended for rooms with high humidity or intended for a maritime climate.

The layout of the roof, the shape of the body, materials used to finish the facade and walls, the design of balconies and terraces are the main aspects that affect the final image of the building. Elements such as roofing, window sills and of course, are extremely important doors and windows. All these elements selected in the right way color scheme they can distinguish a building in the area, giving it a modern or classic charm, depending on the client's preferences.

Guided by our own taste and preferences, we choose the colors of the building's finish, mainly windows and doors, which are to harmonize with the rest of the elements. It is very important to take into account the principles that guide architects and interior designers, the more so as it is an investment for many years.

Window and door joinery and the facade

Matching the color of window and door frames to the facade style is the main rule when making a choice. These elements must match the wall finish used, i.e. plaster, stone or brick, as well as the roof covering. The obvious rule is that the color of the windows should be consistent with the color of the door, additional equipment, i.e. handles and hinges, garage door or possible shutters, mosquito nets or roller blinds. Such a proposal for a composition should be presented by an architect when creating a project for a newly erected building, while in the case of replacing windows or doors, it is worth visiting magazines, social networks or internet forums about construction and looking for existing projects similar to our taste.

Window and door joinery and interior

Floor, interior plasters, skirting boards, window sills or interior doors. The colors of these elements strongly depend on the color of the windows due to the final effect of each room. In order for a given area to have its own style as it was dreamed of, everything must form one whole and complement each other on the entire plane, taking into account the smallest details. It should be borne in mind that the color of the windows you choose will have an impact on the subsequent interior arrangements. For windows in light or neutral colors, where in this case it is necessary that some decorative elements also be made in light colors. Similarly for dark-colored windows, e.g. black or anthracite, which is currently extremely fashionable. It should be remembered that white is more universal and fits most arrangements.


For the classic style, where the facade of the building is made of brick, stone, decorated with stucco or covered with plaster in warm colors, the best option will be to use light-colored windows, especially in white or wood-like color with a wood structure. White color, thanks to the neutral color, will perfectly match most of these types of projects, and the additional classic style can be emphasized by the use of glazing muntins as in the picture below:

DOOR aluminum door window joinery

Of course, dark-colored windows, recommended mainly for modern construction, will also work well in the design of a classic style, but remember that these windows should be additionally made of thin profiles and additionally equipped with muntins. In this case, wood-like colors are a perfect match for various types of furniture or decorations used inside rooms. However, cool shades of such colors should be used, e.g. beech, light oak or fir from the Decoral palette.

DOOR aluminum door window joinery

In modern construction, facades are made without unnecessary decorations, e.g. window bands, cornices. It focuses mainly on large-format windows and solid and massive doors, characterized not only by durability and safety, but also modern aesthetics that blend in with the entire arrangement of the building. For such solutions, matte colors such as black, anthracite or gray are mainly recommended, which are mainly made of popular, due to the amount of light, patio doors, e.g. HS lift and slide doors, folding doors or standard balcony doors. The use of the given colors in the structure, i.e. the so-called "Orange peel", which gives the profiles a rough surface with pearl mottling (pearl, glitter effect). In order for the whole to have the effect of modern construction, the use of muntin bars as it was done in the classic style is not recommended.

There is also a solution such as bicolour, i.e. a solution for people who dream of a different color inside and outside the building

DOOR aluminum door window joinery

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