Proszowska Street, a commercial and service building

Proszowska Street, a commercial and service building

Proszowska Street

Coal, coal and coal ... you do not need coal if you have windows and doors with very good thermal insulation, which are properly and tightly fitted.

How long will the collected brushwood last? Certainly not for longer than properly installed windows laughing

We want to present a new project at ul. Proszowska in Bochnia. We have equipped the newly created commercial and service building with aluminum joinery with the use of window, door and facade systems.

The building, thanks to its location, suitable usable space and a large number of available parking spaces, offers great development potential for future tenants. The ground floor and the first floor as two separate premises with an area of ​​303 m2 each, automatic doors installed in the façade on the ground floor ensuring adequate communication for users and an elevator in the staircase enabling free movement for disabled people are just some of the advantages of this building.

The advertisement is available for rent at:

We have produced and installed:

Aluminum facade on the ground floor and staircase, it was installed without external pressure strips for glass, which results in a perfectly flat structure on the entire glazing surface, and the additional visual effect is improved by large dimensions and the properties of the glass used. Access to the staircase leading to the first floor is possible thanks to all-glass aluminum doors embedded in the façade and equipped with a pull tab on the entire height of the leaf, hidden hinges and a 3-point lock which will guarantee safety and comfort of use.

Are you interested in our offer? Call, write or visit our plant in Bochnia:

Aparthotel in Białka Tatrzańska

Aparthotel in Białka Tatrzańska

Aparthotel in Białka Tatrzańska

Realization and assembly of windows and doors in Białka Tatrzańska. The building structure visible in the photos is the result of the design of recently popular housing forms in places with high tourist potential and an extensive infrastructure for entertainment and active leisure, i.e. the Aparthotel. The visible implementation is a continuation of the project for the construction of a network of aparthotels in the Podhale region and at the foot of the Tatra Mountains.

As the DOOR company, we were responsible for the production and installation of aluminum window and door systems. We have made a large number of corner-joined constructions thanks to system connections of aluminum MB-86 windows with MB-77HS sliding doors and windows where the frame corners were connected at an angle different from 90 degrees. The products used are:

  • Aluminum windows and door-cases MB-86
  • Aluminum sliding patio doors MB-77HS

The exterior joinery is made in the popular color: semi-matt black. The next steps will be to equip the buildings with:

  • Glass internal walls
  • Aluminum fire doors and windows: EI30 and EI60
Recreational houses in the Bieszczady Mountains

Recreational houses in the Bieszczady Mountains

The May weekend is fast approaching, so why not drop everything and go to the Bieszczady Mountains? cool

Recreation in the vicinity of Solina has recently been very popular. Dense forests, numerous streams and hills at our eastern border magically stop time during your stay in this region of Poland. Peace and quiet are the hallmarks of this place where people run away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and everyday rush. Of course, we cannot forget about traditional Polish grilling laughing

This possibility is given to us by people implementing projects like this one. Buildings in a modern style with a barn body with a glazed front facade of the building - very popular recently - have been equipped by us with modern aluminum joinery, which, as you can see, we are able to produce for any size and taking into account all preferences and expectations of the customer. In this project, we used connected two-rail sliding systems MB-77HS with the MB-86 aluminum window system in the form of oblique external windows.

  • Aluminum windows and shop windows MB-86
  • Aluminum sliding patio doors MB-77HS

The exterior joinery is made in the popular color: semi-matt red. Such cooperation of color with anthracite external elements of the building finishing can be seen in the photos below.

Installation of windows in Kriva - Slovakia

Installation of windows in Kriva - Slovakia

April-braiding, because it intertwines, a bit of winter, a bit of summer. However, regardless of the weather conditions, we also carry out orders outside our country. One of the latest projects in the city of Kriva in Slovakia required not only a reliable and professional approach to the individual needs of our client, but also meeting the current restrictions thanks to appropriate logistics and coordination of construction works at the right time and place.

Meeting our client's expectations, we used aluminum profiles for modern passive construction with additional insulation of the profile with a thermal break made of polyamide and insulation inserts made of polyethylene. Thanks to this, the current thermal requirements in construction for windows and doors have been met, which since 2021 are one of the most important factors taken into account when choosing windows for your home.

In the implementation, aluminum windows of the system were used MB-86 SI and aluminum sliding patio doors MB-77 HS HI with two-chamber glazing using a warm black Swisspacer Ultimate frame. Each element was installed in the system of warm installation in the wall with the use of a vapor-permeable EPDM apron on the outside, and a vapor-barrier tape from the Illbruck company on the inside.

The corner windows were made in the "glass to glass" system, where a special sealing compound, resistant to weather conditions, was used to connect the corner. This allowed the client to gain greater access to light and remove the angular aluminum profile connecting both windows.

Glass weighing over 500 kg is a real challenge for installers. Professional equipment and, most importantly, the skills of the operators allowed us to calmly mount large-size glass, and the whole work went "like a string"

The main entrance to the house has been equipped with an aluminum entrance door with a panel flush with the door surface on both sides. A solid and durable entrance to the house gives an unusual visual effect but also cares about the safety of the household members. Thanks to the use of access control from the outside, a strip lock and anti-burglary elements with hidden hinges, we took care of the perfect combination of security issues with a visual effect.

The presented video shows the installation of a windshield weighing more than half a ton!

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