Solar panels integrated with the facade

A combination of an aluminum and glass facade with photovoltaic panels? Everything is possible. Renewable energy sources (in this case solar energy) have their main share in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, being at the same time an excellent alternative to fossil fuels and providing us with the energy necessary for our life. In our implementation, we have adapted the glazed aluminum facade of the building to the installation of solar panels. Thanks to this solution, the adaptation possibilities of the MB-SR50N facade system were perfectly used. The investment consisted in installing an aluminum facade on the existing facade.


MB-SR50 N - glazed aluminum facades

MB-86 - double doors installed in a tight vestibule

MB-86 - aluminum windows

In addition, it was designed all-glass canopy mounted on a structure made of aluminum sections.

In the photos below you can see the effects of the work carried out.

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