Limits in the production of windows and doors have been exceeded. The combination of elegant, modern design, possibilities providing a large amount of daylight with safety and ease of use has become the most real. Huge glazing, in addition to being beautiful, is also practical. Such products are increasingly used in buildings with various purposes. Doors and windows of this type not only do not cause unnecessary heat loss, but also save energy. Their installation destroys the wall between what is inside and outside, and thus introduces nature into the room. They are particularly desirable and recommended in facilities located between gardens, meadows or forests or with a view of the mountains, but also in buildings surrounded by city landscapes. They provide beautiful views, and at the same time isolate from city noise or unwanted sounds.

Today, the installation of large patio doors is combined with the installation of intelligent systems, thanks to which the door can be opened and closed using a telephone or a button. Large glass structures are also becoming more and more safe - for example, they have a built-in obstacle detection system.

MB-SKYLINE TYPE R is a modern system of large-size sliding doors, characterized by lightness and aesthetics. It is based on narrow profiles, thanks to which the structures gain a modern look, while providing a panoramic view of the house surroundings.

aluminum door MB-SKYLINE TYPE R

The main characteristics of the MB-SKYLINE TYPE R door, the user can appreciate at first glance, are: completely hidden door leaf profiles, a narrow post and a shallow door frame. You do not need a lot of force to move huge elements, and the mechanism works almost silently. The maximum height of the structure is 4 meters, and if we use a surface actuator, the movable sash can weigh up to 700 kg. This makes it possible to design spectacular glass walls. Doors made on the basis of this system give the building a unique style and raise the rank of the entire investment.

Functionality and aesthetics:

  • door frame built into the walls, floor and ceiling,
  • door leaf profiles completely hidden in the lower and upper frame,
  • in the case of selecting a drive with a servomotor or locking on the post, the door leaf profiles are also not visible on the sides of the structure,
  • a post on a leaf joint with a width of 25 mm,
  • comfortable, shallow frame with a depth of 23 mm,
  • max. weight of the manually opened leaf: 500 kg, with a surface actuator: 700 kg,
  • glazing range from 52 to 60 mm,
  • design depth of door sections: 71 mm for the leaf and 190 mm for the frame,
  • door leaf made of modern insulating material with high thermal parameters,
  • sliding gaskets used in the frame: modern, aesthetic and noiseless during operation,
  • rollers on which the leaf moves, available in stainless steel and black polyamide,
  • manual locking with BT Lock fittings or on a post,
  • surface actuator with radio receiver and safety radar,
  • modern drainage system with a system gutter,
  • system mounting consoles with height adjustment,
  • construction base with high thermal insulation,
  • the system has the so-called "Zero post", which allows the use of sunshades from the outside, such as blinds Skyflow and screenshots SkyRoll.
700 kg Maximum leaf weight  
4 m Maximum door height
25 mm The width of the post at the sash joint
23 mm Frame depth

Technical parameters

Air permeability Class 3, EN 12207
Watertightness Up to class 9A (600Pa), EN 12208
Wind load resistance Up to class C5 (2000Pa), EN 12210
Thermal insulation Uw from 0,85 W / (m2k) *

* for doors with leaf dimensions of 2,07 x 3,44 m, with U-coefficient triple-pane infillg 0,5 W / (m2k) and a warm spacer

Bottom profile cross-section:

Aluminum door bottom profile cross-section

Top profile cross-section:

Aluminum doors. Cross-section of the upper profile

Post cross-section at the sash connection:

Aluminum doors Cross-section of the post at the leaf connection

Aluminum sliding doors in the SKYLINE TYPE R system are primarily a time-consuming and extremely precise production stage. In order for the product to work flawlessly and to present itself in your apartment with dignity, it must go through a complicated prefabrication route to reach its final destination. It requires a lot of commitment, qualified staff and an appropriate CNC machining center. Starting from the first stage, which is the measurement of the structure on the construction site and arrangements for assembly and equipment, to the preparation of an appropriate technical drawing, dimensioning and setting of machines. Then the long-term stage of assembling aluminum profiles in sterile conditions and gluing individual elements to the glass. Everything must be done with high accuracy, as discrepancies within a few millimeters may lead to problems with their functioning. The margin of error is 0, because after gluing it is not possible to disassemble the structure. It is necessary to start production from scratch using new materials. Quality control is the last part in which we check the correctness of execution and compliance with the order.

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